June 22, 2021 07:27 (IST)
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Ways to Maintain Your Bike duringSummers Bike Insurance

Ways to Maintain Your Bike duringSummers

Sponsored Post | @indiablooms | 15 May 2021, 01:16 pm

As the temperature rises and we slowly move towards the scorching heat it’s important to take care of ourselves and our vehicles. Amidst the COVID crisis, the use of vehicles for most people has reduced which could also mean lesser attention to regular maintenance. This leads to car/bike sitting out in the heat for days. A motorbike requires timely upkeep, especially during summers. So, here’s a list of some important maintenance tips for your bike this summer season -

● Coolant Check

One of the most important things to do when maintaining your bike is to check the coolant level. If you own a liquid-cooled bike, upkeep and change of coolant regularly is a must. It’s necessary to change the coolant because in case it’s not changed, it loses its heat absorption power and does not maintain the bike’s temperature.

● Radiator Fan Check

Another important upkeep tip is to check if the radiator fan is working properly. When washing a bike sometimes high-pressure water might obstruct the functioning of the radiator and disturb the cooling system. Regular maintenance of the radiator can go a long way for your bike’s health!

● Tyre Pressure Check

Heat leads to the expansion of elements which is true in the case of tyres as well. During summers, the air in tyres can expand and lead to the bursting of the tyre which could be extremely dangerous. There are two things one can do to maintain tyre pressure -

1. Fill up air 1-2 units below the required pressure since it’s most likely it’ll expand.
2. Switch to nitrogen over normal air. Nitrogen does not expand during the summers and also maintains a stable temperature. This is highly recommended and can reduce the risks of any unforeseeable situation.

● Tyre Thread Check

During summers, the roads are hotter which can cause more wear and tear on the tyre rubber. Keeping a regular check on your tyres is necessary to know if you’re nearing the end of your tyres life.

● Cleaning Engine Fins

This is a great tip to maintain the smooth functioning of your engine without heating. In case the bike or fins are dirty the air will not be able to pass through creating excessive heat in the engine. Keeping it clean can significantly reduce the heat levels in the bike. Also, do not park your bike right under the sun and cover it up to protect it from any heat.

A well-maintained bike can increase the shelf life of the vehicle and create a smooth-riding experience for the owner as well. Another pro -tip is to purchase a bike insurance policy since it’s a great way of protecting yourself from any financial burden.  Follow these tips and your bike will remain in good condition forever!