NASA links port-city sea level...

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Washington, Nov 22 (IBNS): A new NASA tool links changes in sea level in 293 global port cities to specific regions of melting land ice, such as southern Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Cassini image mosaic: A farewell to Saturn

Washington, Nov 22 (IBNS): In a fitting farewell to the planet that had been its home for over 13 years, the Cassini spacecraft took one last, lingering look at Saturn and its splendid rings during the final leg of its journey and snapped a series of images that has been assembled into a new mosaic.

Solar system’s first Interstellar visitor dazzles scientists

Washington, Nov 22 (IBNS): Now, new data reveal the interstellar interloper to be a rocky, cigar-shaped object with a somewhat reddish hue.

BrahMos missile tested successfully, first in world

New Delhi, Nov 22 (IBNS): BrahMos missle, which was fired from IAF's Sukhoi 30-MKI, has been tested successfully, media reports said.

Mars might be drier than previously thought, finds study

London, Nov 21 (IBNS): Dark features previously proposed as evidence for significant liquid water flowing on Mars have now been identified as granular flows, where sand and dust move rather than liquid water, according to a new study.

The changing colors of our living planet

Washington, Nov 18 (IBNS): NASA satellites can see our living Earth breathe.

NASA's Mars 2020 Mission performs first supersonic parachute test

Washington, Nov 16 (IBNS): Landing on Mars is difficult and not always successful. Well-designed advance testing helps. An ambitious NASA Mars rover mission set to launch in 2020 will rely on a special parachute to slow the spacecraft down as it enters the Martian atmosphere at over 12,000 mph (5.4 kilometers per second). Preparations for this mission have provided, for the first time, dramatic video of the parachute opening at supersonic speed.

Canada based RoboGarden announces strategic partnership with Ed-t...

New Delhi, Nov 14 (IBNS): To make learning to code easier for students in India, ed-tech Company Eupheus Learning has entered in an exclusive strategic partnership with RoboGarden Inc., an international, award-winning, product development and consulting firm that operates in a wide range of technical sectors in Alberta, Canada.

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