Warming rivers make marked con...

India Blooms News Service
Birmingham, July 19 (IBNS): Warming streams and rivers could be disproportionately contributing to the amount of planet-warming greenhouse gases, according to a new study.
Researchers are one step closer to developing eye drops to treat ...
Birmingham, July 19 (IBNS): Scientists at the University of Birmingham are one step closer to developing an eye drop that could revolutionise treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 
Study finds climate determines shapes of river basins
New York, July 19 (IBNS): There are more than 1 million river basins carved into the topography of the United States, each collecting rainwater to feed the rivers that cut through them.
Chandra may have first evidence of a young star devouring a plane...
Washington, July 19 (IBNS): Scientists may have observed, for the first time, the destruction of a young planet or planets around a nearby star.
NASA releases image of 'Mars' crawling on Mars surface
Washington, July 16 (IBNS): An image from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, acquired May 13, 2018 during winter at the South Pole of Mars, shows a carbon dioxide ice cap covering the region and as the sun returns in the spring, "spiders" begin to emerge from the landscape.
Lunar eclipse on July 27-28, can be seen from all parts of India
New Delhi, July 13 (IBNS): A total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27-28, 2018 with a totality duration of 1 hour 43 minutes.
Texas A&M Study: Ancient dog cancer still around today after 10,0...
Texas, July 7 (IBNS): Dogs have been man’s best friend for more than 10,000 years, but a new study shows it has been a doggone tough road to get here: their ancestors in the Americas likely came from Siberia, and these early dog populations almost totally disappeared, but not before leaving a cancerous tumor that is still found in their canine descendants today.
NASA's Kepler Spacecraft pauses science observations to download ...
Washington, July 7 (IBNS): Earlier this week, NASA’s Kepler team received an indication that the spacecraft fuel tank is running very low.
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