August 14, 2020 19:39 (IST)
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Car Subscription – Upgrade your Lifestyle with No Compromises

Car Subscription – Upgrade your Lifestyle with No Compromises

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 29 Nov 2018, 04:01 pm

The pleasures of having a car at your disposal at all time are incomparable. From urgent scenarios to leisurely and daily requirements, having your own transport is the ticket to freedom and control over your own schedule. However, owning a car also comes with a set of liabilities. It is an expensive affair and down payments, EMIs, and maintenance can corrode into the regular budget. But all is not lost for those who want to drive a car and call it theirs. ZAP’s new take on the traditional car lease model is helping thousands of people achieve this much-appreciated lifestyle upgrade.

What is Car Subscription?

Why do you need to own something when you can have the same services and products without a permanent commitment and with no compromise in quality? That is exactly the philosophy that drives car subscription, a consumer-friendly model that also works on the principles of sustainability and the shared economy. Instead of buying a car and watching it grow old over years, just subscribe to one for a pre-determined period and enjoy more financial flexibility. The costs for a subscribed car are consolidated into one flat monthly payment, making it a convenient and transparent process.

Skip the Down Payment

The down payment needed upfront is one of the toughest financial prerequisites for buying a car. It is a big amount of money and usually entails the breaking of savings accumulated over a long period of time. When you subscribe to a car, you do not need to go through this big expenditure. ZAP’s car subscription program is very popular because people want to spend their down payment on more productive things. Car EMIs can haunt you for years. With a subscription, you don’t have that liability.

Dodge Maintenance Costs with Subscription

Car owners will be very familiar with how maintenance costs can eat into the budget. When buying a car, along with the EMIs you will pay for years, there will be gradually rising maintenance costs as the vehicle gets older. Zap’s car subscription on the other hand, takes away this cost from the subscriber. Maintenance for a subscribed car is free. Whenever maintenance is due, raise a request and the car will be picked up by a team of professionals. After a comprehensive servicing, it will be returned in quick time.

ZAP’s subscription service has an exclusive feature which can help subscribers save even more. When not using it for a stretch, they can list it on the Zoomcar platform as a rental and earn extra money.

Good for Temporary Stays

Car subscription is also a great option for those who are in a city for a limited period of time and need a ride without having to completely invest in one. With the monthly flat fee, they can enjoy a car at their disposal all the time – just like a regular vehicle owner.

With car prices going and the costs of living stratospheric, ZAP’s subscription is a much-required initiative. The freedom of having a car need not remain a domain of car owners. It is now a much more affordable and convenient lifestyle requirement, made for the flexible and independent-minded.