Lesser known hill stations around Bangalore

Lesser known hill stations around Bangalore

Guest Post | 07 Mar 2018

The natural richness of the southern states is endless. The more you see the more you discover and few days of holidays are never enough to absorb nature’s bounty in its entirety. However, nature always has a way, as they say, even for those who cannot travel far and wide. If you are living in and around Bengaluru, you can easily reap the benefits of being located close to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and take a look at these neighboring hill towns for an occasional escape into the green and wild. You can book chauffeur driven cars in Bangalore to head to these beautiful weekend getaways.

Kotagiri Hills

Kotagiri Hills is a 7 hour and 15 minutes’ drive from Bengaluru city. Standing at an elevation of 1,985 meters, Kotagiri takes pride in being the oldest and largest hill resort of the Nilgiris. Developed as a summer resort for the British, Kotagiri Hills looms over its surrounding hills and bluffs. The ‘open-terrace’ mountainous terrain edging out in steep cliffs, adds to the allure of this locale.

To make your hill-town holiday worthwhile, you can stay at one of the nature resorts or tree houses, or simply camp up at Longwood Shola. For a quiet moment, head off to the Kodanad View Point of the Rangaswamy Peak, where the solitary Rangaswamy Pillar stands at 400 meters. Explore the local tea gardens, trek along the forested paths, or get drenched in the gushing waters of Elk Falls; the Kotagiri Hills will surely rejuvenate you.

Horsley Hills

Located in the Chittoor district, on the southern edge of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, the Horsley Hills are said to be one of the oldest with respect to their geological existence.

This exquisite hilly hamlet is easily accessible from Bengaluru at a distance of 143.8 KM. Standing at 1,290 meters from the sea-level, Horsley Hills beautifully blends the fresh greenery of Nilgiris and the rugged terrain of Deccan Plateau. No wonder, this quaint hill town is fondly called the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh.
The Horsley Hills are rich in biodiversity with thick forests of eucalyptus, sandalwood, amla (Indian gooseberry), blue gum and more. Don’t be surprised when you find the world’s largest and oldest Banyan Tree and the oldest Eucalyptus tree in the forests of Horsley Hills. You can also find 113 species of exotic and wild birds like the black eagle, yellow-neck bulbul,  and similar others. The entire landscape of these hills, endowed with abundant flora and fauna, makes for adventure activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking and more.

BR Hills

Find a piece of heaven at the Biligirirangana Hills or commonly called the BR Hills. Located at a mere distance of 175.5 KM from Bengaluru city, the serene BR Hills is a few hours’ drive away.

This is where the Western and Eastern Ghats meet and forms an ecological corridor between the two states. This also brings together the diverse flora and fauna of both the mountain ranges. Explore the thickets of about 800 species of trees and vegetation ranging from deciduous, evergreen and tropical trees, and grasslands. Dotted with Kurunji flowers, these hills assume a heavenly ambiance after the rains, till winter.

Head for a jungle safari to walk among the wild elephants, sambar and chital deer, and antelopes. Wait in ambush if you dare and spot a leopard, sloth bear or even a tiger.

These densely forested hills are home to the BRT Wildlife Sanctuary and a tiger reserve. Choose an adventure of your liking from - exploring the wildlife at the natural reserve, rafting, and fishing on the Cauvery River, or visit the coffee plantations.

Lesser known, but each charming in their own way, these hill stations give you the much-needed break and solitude from the metro. Go ahead and rent a car in Bangalore for the perfect weekend getaway.

Lesser known hill stations around Bangalore

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