November 29, 2022 08:58 (IST)
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Thriving Industry: Sex Toys in India

Thriving Industry: Sex Toys in India

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 11 Apr 2019, 06:54 am

The online sex toy industry in India is booming. What you need to know about this latest trend in e-commerce.

We all have needs, desires, and proclivities that we’re happy to explore, even if we’re not up for publicically discussing them. Sex toys and similar adult driven products have their place in bedrooms across the world. Even the most sexually conservative countries view porn. But what happens when these staples of adulthood are difficult, or even criminal, to obtain? It turns out, not much. People still want to enhance their personal relationships. Sometimes even more so with the added excitement of the taboo.

Adults in India throughout the recent decades have faced this exact problem. But purchase patterns suggest that a revolution is indeed brewing. While many colonial-era decency laws still restrict what can and cannot be stored on shelves and sold in stores, shop owners do their best to meet the needs of their clients. These shop owners, however, are so restricted it makes it almost impossible to supply their clientele with the quality good that they’re looking for. Which brings us to the internet age, and one online giant that hopes to change an entire culture at the click of a button.

The Age of Aquarius

More than just a song, the ballad from the sixties suggests more than just a catchy tune and cryptic lyrics. But the thought that a time of love will be brought to all. Which sounds pretty hokey, but the founders of Adult Products India are hoping to provide just that. And it’s created a booming business model.

“Our mission is to provide fellow Indians with the means to freely express their sexuality without law makers telling them what to enjoy and how to enjoy it.” Says the online purveyor of sex toys in India. Sexuality is something to be explored and enjoyed, but with strict regulation, it’s difficult for many Indians to get their curious hands on the gadgets and gizmos that most of the world takes for granted. Adult Products India provides a discreet online platform where Indians (and anyone else) can find the adult play things that they are after.

What makes their business model so unique and profitable however, is that their services don’t stop at the toys. Customers are encouraged to ask questions and interact with their customer service reps, creating a safe space to get information that could otherwise pose serious problems for people.

The Business of Revolution

E-commerce in India has been blazing a trail and is set to surpass even that of the US by 2034. The surge in internet users and the push to get rural communities online gives the country the potential to increase to a $150 billion market as soon as 2022. With those figures firmly in mind, online merchants like Adult Products India has an added niche- their products cannot be bought in stores.

While this does serve as a big bonus in their business model, Adult Products India hopes to shift the conservative collective consciousness anyway. “It is better for the wellbeing of our customers to be able to explore their sexuality in a safe and accepted way.” A spokesperson for the company says. “Ultimately, that’s what we want. Even if laws are changed, we believe that the service, quality, and options that we offer will be enduring.”

Adult Products India isn’t the only online retailer to come out, supporting the sexual rights of its citizens. Since the mid 2000’s many companies have begun to offer adult products, sex toys, and sexual wellness items throughout India. All with the unified belief that sex and sexuality must become more acceptable throughout the country.

Purchase Trends

One would assume that most of the business is done in metropolitan areas with a younger demographic, but the purchase trends of these uncommon goods have shown that almost everyone is getting in on the fun. Trends have shown that people of all ages and from all over the country have sincere interest in spicing up their sex lives. With patrons well past their 50’s getting in on the action. The discreet delivery and private discussion forums have made these products more accessible to everyone.

With the anonymity of purchasing online, many users find it far more comforting to maintain dignity. It also serves to curve the vague and often distorted obscenity laws that the country has in place. Providing buyers, the ability to obtain the gadgets they desire without the threat of legal complications.

While many high-profile individuals, special interest groups, and even regular people are fighting for more tolerant views on sexuality, businesses like Adult Products India will continue to offer their services to anyone in need. Before, during, and after any revolution that may, or may not, come to fruition. Proving that the sale and purchase of adult products in an enduring business model, and an intrinsic need.