May 10, 2021 13:59 (IST)
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Is Adaptable HR Software the Next Must have Application? Software

Is Adaptable HR Software the Next Must have Application?

Sponsored Post | @indiablooms | 20 Apr 2021, 09:19 pm

A sudden  transition from cubicle to couch in our living room led to numerous uninvited changes and lessons, of them the two most valuable being acceptance and adaptability., Focusing on the world of work, to survive the unprecedented changes we had to upskill ourselves and drive technological innovation, especially in software for HR.  Why? Because the transformation in the world of work demanded solutions to ameliorate the unannounced crises as no one imagined working from home for an infinite period of time. For organizations considering to opt for a cloud based HR software, the buyer can access numerous resources stating the features and elements of an HR software. Considering the current crises it would be wise to consider opting for an all in one  HR software.

The kind of software for HR that can change and step up to suit the new situations- An adaptable HR software. It can ameliorate the challenges in the hour of crises. As explained by Josh Bersin: 

‘A truly adaptable HR software is more like a swiss army knife and less like a chainsaw. In other words, a toolbox that lets you build what you need, in addition to having applications built-in’.

With the rise of  the second wave, we might go back to the unfortunate loop, so are we prepared enough for it? Did you start using adaptable HR software? Would it be a must have now and in the future? Let’s find out in this blog. 

Why adaptable HR Software?

The pandemic has declined the profitability curve of many organizations. Small and medium scale enterprises have decreased their number of employees and slashed the salary of the existing employees in order to tackle the crises.” As per a survey, it has been notified that there is a possibility of an increase in the percentage of remote/virtual workers by 53% increasing the complexities of hiring and payroll.”

To answer the questions buzzing in your head, let’s explore some of the ways in which an adaptable software for HR helped businesses.

Adaptable HR Tech for a resilient future of work

The pandemic and sudden shutdown of the whole world can be considered as black swan event of our generation. Black swan event is an event which is beyond what is normally expected with unpredictable consequences that might have a huge impact on a situation.
It has changed the world of work in a way no one could think of.
Below are some examples of how an adaptable HR software acted as the catalyst of change in contingencies.
● Bulk hiring
The transformation of the recruitment process happens within a flick. The hybrid mode of work has increased the rate of hiring skilled hands as part time employees and freelancers. This has increased the need for expanding sourcing platforms.  As these employees are hired only for a specific project on contract, it is essential for the organization to have a well  equipped HR software that can help in hiring a large number of employees based on the assessment assigned. Adaptable software provides end to end automation and provision to manage candidate database It  understands  the job requirements, presents the right candidates and gives you customisable letter templates. .

● Gig workforce
The term gig represents an act or a performance done by an artist. Gig workforce is referred to the freelancers who are assigned to a specific project. Freelancers cannot be hired on the usual sourcing platforms. Hiring a freelancer is a whole other story than hiring a full time employee. HR needs to ensure that the individual has the required skills and can be trusted with the deliverables. Adaptable HR software assists the HR team to mend the required policies for the freelancers and set specific rules and restrictions for such hired hands.

● Shared workforce
Concept of a shared employee came into existence after the  pandemic. It means that two organizations can collaboratively assign tasks to one employee and share the cost into halves or as they decide. This initiative helps the companies to curb their employee hiring costs.. The trend of shared employees is here to stay. Entrepreneurs can collaborate and hire a limited number of employees saving expenses of hiring employees and the employees won’t have to struggle with slashed salary.

Having said that, it is essential to amend rules and regulations before implementing such a workforce. An adaptable HR software assists the HR team to onboard and imply new policies for such employees smoothly.

● Upgraded compliance
The trend of gig workforce and shared workforce need a new set of policies. Also, the changes in labor and employment laws announced by the government due to pandemic or otherwise must be followed. As the employee has the access to data of two organizations, it is essential for the organization to implement policies to secure data and minimize the risk of breach of data. Adaptable HR software assists the employer or the HR team to amend rules in accordance with the requirements. The automated feature of the application notifies the employees and implements the required changes for smooth functioning.

Communication for better employee engagement virtually

A hybrid mode of work is here to stay.  Organizations such as Facebook and Twitter have considered continuing with hybrid mode of work even after the pandemic. An essential feature to oil the wheel of hybrid mode of work is establishing a centralized platform for communication. In this mode of work it becomes quintessential to discover ways to engage employees virtually. Continuous listening and positive communication stand as the strongest pillars for the same.

Continuous listening:
An essential element of employee engagement is communication. Adaptable HR software assists in implementing anonymous surveys for the employees to submit honest feedback and highlight the struggles faced at work.

It even allows the HR team to focus on the mental health of the employees. An  inconsistent performance or stress at work takes a toll on the mental health of the employee. This  feature makes the employee feel that their employer cares. For employers, it helps in understanding what makes their employees happy and what makes them frown thereby helping them in making better engagement plans.

Positive communication:

Positive communication encourages a healthy virtual workspace for the employees. It helps the admin team to reward employees for their hard work on a centralized platform. Adaptable software for HR has the feature where the managers and the team leads can applaud the achievements and make announcements related to new policies. This feature can also be used to share news and posts that can uplift employee morale.

The aforementioned contingencies and features of an adaptable software for HR make it more resilient for the future. Having said that, it is essential for the buyer to keep a few pointers in mind before opting for an adaptable software for HR, take cues from what we shared above.With an unerring adaptable software for HR an organization can be utilized and as a result, an ascending productivity curve.  We own an adaptable HR software ready to help us with the adversities. What about yours?