December 09, 2022 01:09 (IST)
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Russia attacks Ukraine: LIVE Updates Russia-Ukraine

Russia attacks Ukraine: LIVE Updates

IBNS | @indiablooms | 24 Feb 2022, 11:51 am

Defying the Western appeals and outrage, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday announced military operations in Ukraine urging the Ukrainian soldiers  to lay down their arms. This comes after Putin recognised the independence of self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics of Ukraine. Catch all updates here

LIVE Updates

'Highly appreciate India's independent, balanced position': Russia on Ukraine invasion

27 Feb 2022, 01:16 pm

The Russian Embassy in India has "highly appreciated"  India's "independent and balanced" position after New Delhi abstained on a UNSC resolution condemning Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

In a tweet, the Russian Embassy in India said: "Highly appreciate India’s independent and balanced position at the voting in the UNSC on February 25, 2022."

"In the spirit of the special and privileged strategic partnership Russia is committed to maintain close dialogue with India on the situation around Ukraine," it said.


Russian army asked to broaden attack on Ukraine

27 Feb 2022, 01:14 pm

The Russian army has been ordered to broaden its attack on Ukraine "from all directions" after facing resistance in capital Kyiv, media reports said

Russian forces attacked Ukrainian cities with artillery and cruise missiles on Saturday but President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said capital Kyiv remained in their hands.

Russia's invasion force had been slowed by stiff resistance from Ukrainian troops, keeping them outside Kyiv, a senior US defence official has said, according to news agency AFP.

Ukrainian president accepts Putin's offer of peace talks

26 Feb 2022, 04:07 pm

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin's proposal and is ready to negotiate peace and a ceasefire, Zelenskyy's press secretary Sergey Nikiforov said on Saturday.

195 civilians, 3 children killed: Ukraine Minister

26 Feb 2022, 03:45 pm

Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Liashko on Saturday said 198 civilians, including three children were killed in the Russian attack.

219 Indians on board first flight from Romania, EAM personally monitoring evacuation

26 Feb 2022, 03:32 pm

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday said he is personally monitoring the evacuation of Indian nationals from Ukraine and the first flight to Mumbai with 219 Indian nationals has taken off from Romania.

In a tweet, he said the MEA is making progress in evacuation of Indian nationals, mostly students, from Ukraine.

"Regarding evacuation of Indian nationals from Ukraine, we are making progress.

"Our teams are working on the ground round the clock. I am personally monitoring. The first flight to Mumbai with 219 Indian nationals has taken off from Romania," he said.


Indian Embassy in Kyiv urges citizens not to move to border posts without prior notice

26 Feb 2022, 01:08 pm

In a fresh advisory, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine on Saturday urged Indian nationals, especially students, not to move to the border posts for evacuation without prior coordination with MEA officials.

It said the Embassy is “finding it increasingly difficult to help the crossing of those Indian nationals who reach border checkpoints without prior Intimation”.

(Image Credit: Twitter/India in Ukraine)

India abstains on UNSC resolution condemning Russian invasion of Ukraine

26 Feb 2022, 01:05 pm

India on Friday abstained on a UNSC resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The resolution proposed by the US and Albania, with the backing of nearly 60 countries, received 11 votes in favour, with Russia, a permanent member, voting against it.

In the 15-member Council, the resolution received three abstentions -- from India, UAE, China. Since Russia voted against the resolution, it was not passed.

Explaining the abstention, India's Permanent Representative to the UN, T.S. Tirumurti said, "It is a matter of regret that the path of diplomacy was given up. We must return to it."

"Dialogue is the only answer to the settling of differences and disputes, however daunting that may appear at this moment," he added.

(Image Credit: UNI)

Ready to negotiate with Russia, says Ukraine

26 Feb 2022, 01:04 pm

The Ukrainian leadership is open to talks with Russia and the sides are discussing the format of the talks, Ukraine President's spokesman has said.

On Friday, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov said that Ukraine offered to hold the negotiations in Warsaw, instead of Minsk, as was proposed by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for Ukrainian army to overthrow Zelenskyy

25 Feb 2022, 10:35 pm

Image: Wallpaper Cave

Russian forces enter Kyiv

25 Feb 2022, 05:10 pm

Russian troops on Friday entered the northern districts of the Ukrainian capital in a desperate bid to capture Kyiv as the besieged government of Ukraine urged citizens to make Molotov cocktails and defend the city.

Fortifications were frantically dug in Kyiv to block the Russian military advance, BBC reported. Russian troops are in the north of the capital Kyiv, Ukraine authorities said, with videos showing a steady advance of armoured vehicles.

At least 25 civilians have been killed and 102 injured in airstrikes across country, the United Nations said. Images showed a missile fired by Russia hitting a residential area in Bucha in the northewest of Kyiv.

Amid conflicting claims by Ukraine that its forces were battling the Russians, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said that Moscow had lost 450 military personnel. Earlier, the Ukrainian Defence Force called for civilian recruits regardless of age.

Defence Minister Alexey Reznikov said: "I decided, in agreement with the Commander of the Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... to involve (those) over 60 years old, who are morally and physically ready to resist and defeat the enemy".

Meanwhile, a special train with 7,000 people left Kyiv to the country's western cities to be away from the heavy fighting.

Ukraine: Check UN chief Antonio Guterres' latest tweet

25 Feb 2022, 04:24 pm


Thousands of Russians protest against Ukrainian invasion, give 'no war' call

25 Feb 2022, 02:10 pm

Thousands of Russians took to streets to protest against Moscow's invasion of Kiev giving a call for "no war" in Ukraine, amid the western world's repeated stern words against President Vladimir Putin.

In various videos trending on social media, thousands of people risked police actions standing in solidarity with Ukraine, which has turned into the site of the biggest conflict since the conclusion of World War II.


Go F *** Yourself: All Ukrainian soldiers defending Snake Island killed

25 Feb 2022, 12:06 pm

All Ukrainian soldiers who were defending Snake Island were killed, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. "All border guards died heroically but did not give up. They will be awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously," Zelensky said, reported CNN.

An audio shared by Ukrayinska Pravda said when the Russian cruiser ordered the Ukrainian soldiers to surrender, or else be fired upon, they responded: 'Go fuck yourself, Russian warship'

At 22:00 (01:00 Moscow Time, UTC+2), the State Border Guard Service announced that Russian forces had captured the island following a naval and air bombardment that destroyed all infrastructure on the island. At least 13 border guards were killed during the battle after refusing to surrender.

US urges India for 'strong collective response' to Russian invasion of Ukraine

25 Feb 2022, 11:45 am

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about the “importance of a strong collective response to Russian aggression” during his phone conversation with External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.

Blinken in a tweet on Thursday also termed Russia's attack on Ukraine “a clear violation of the rules-based international order”.

He said, “Spoke with @DrSJaishankar today about the crisis in Ukraine and the importance of a strong collective response to Russian aggression.

“Russia's attack on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity is a clear violation of the rules-based international order.”

The US State Department in a readout said that Blinken spoke with the EAM “to discuss Russia's premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack on Ukraine.

“Secretary Blinken stressed the importance of a strong collective response to condemn Russia's invasion and call for an immediate withdrawal and ceasefire.”

(Image Credit: UNI)

World Bank ready to provide immediate support to Ukraine

25 Feb 2022, 09:52 am

The World Bank Group is ready to provide Ukraine with immediate financial support amid the conflict with Russia, President David Malpass said.

Russian forces capture Chernobyl nuclear power plant

25 Feb 2022, 12:48 am

The Russian forces have captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near the city of Pripyat in northern Ukraine, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidential office, Mykhailo Podolyak, said on Thursday.

"It is impossible to say the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is safe after a totally pointless attack by the Russians," he was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The Russian parliament tweeted the information from its official handle. "The Russian occupiers took control of the Chernobyl. The lives of millions on the Planet are under treat," said the tweet.

Talking control of Chernobyl nuclear plant would also mean that the Russian forces are only about 100 kilometers away from the Ukranian capital Kyiv.

Authorising strong sanctions, limiting exports to Russia over Ukraine invasion: US president Joe Biden

25 Feb 2022, 12:21 am

US president Joe Biden in an address said President of Russia Vladimir Putin is the aggressor.

"Putin chose this war, and now he and his country will bear the consequences. Sanctions on 4 more Russian banks, including VTB," he said.


PM Modi speaks to Russia president Vladimir Putin on Ukraine crisis

24 Feb 2022, 11:01 pm

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi is speaking with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday night after Russia authorized military action against Ukraine, media reports quoting sources said.

Russian military operations started against Ukraine this morning and the former Soviet republic has asked for India's intervention.

Situation on ground is difficult and is rapidly evolving: India on Ukraine crisis

24 Feb 2022, 10:21 pm

India on Thursday said the topmost priority of the country is to ensure safety and security of Indian nationals including students in Ukraine.

External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar will speak to Foreign ministers of  Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary over the same.

Joe Biden convens meeting of National Security Council to discuss Russia's attack on Ukraine

24 Feb 2022, 09:21 pm

US President Joe Biden convened a meeting of the National Security Council in the White House Situation Room to discuss Russia attacks on Ukraine, The White House said.


40 killed as Russia attacks Ukraine

24 Feb 2022, 08:21 pm

Around 40 people are reported to have been killed so far with air raid sirens wailing across Ukraine's capital Kiev Thursday as explosions boomed and flashed in cities across the country after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a military action against its western neighbour. 

Long lines snaked outside of ATMs, supermarkets and gas stations in cities such as Kyiv and Mariupol as people scrambled to prepare for what was coming.

Residents and communities across the country were gripped with "severe panic" as Russia on Thursday launched what Ukraine said was a "full-scale attack" against its neighbour, with cities bombarded from the air and forces fighting on the ground. 

US refused talks with Russia on Ukraine

24 Feb 2022, 07:35 pm

The United States itself refused to engage in dialogue with Russia on Ukraine and global security, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson, said on Thursday.

"Today, on this very day, the Russian delegation, the official one, headed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, was supposed to be in Europe from which and from which we hear all kinds of accusations against us. And it had to to be there for negotiations with the American delegation headed by US Secretary of State Mr. Blinken ... it was the American side that refused to conduct further negotiations," Zakharova told the NTV broadcaster.

NATO Sec Gen to meet Presidents of European Comm, European Council

24 Feb 2022, 05:49 pm

Brussels: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will meet with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, and with the President of the European Council Charles Michel at NATO headquarters.

Expecting India's favourable attitude in this crisis: Ukraine's envoy

24 Feb 2022, 04:46 pm

Ukraine's envoy in India Igor Polikha said, "The recommendations and statement of your Ministry of External affairs -- that was India is closely following the development of events. We are deeply dissatisfied with this position. What does this mean -- closely following? Now, 50 people have been killed. When hundreds and thousands will be killed in this case, what will happen? Will follow more closely?"

"We are expecting a much more favourable attitude of the Indian government in this crisis situation. It is the moment of truth. The moment of destiny... We are waiting, asking pleading for the assistance of India."

Ukraine officially severs diplomatic ties with Russia

24 Feb 2022, 03:36 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky told a press briefig today that Ukraine is cutting all diplomatic ties with Russia following its invasion of its territories.

Ukraine's president says weapons to be given to anyone who wants them

24 Feb 2022, 03:33 pm

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that he will issue weapons to everyone who wants them, according to state media.

Some of NATO's eastern countries have invoked Article 4

24 Feb 2022, 03:29 pm

Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have triggered NATO Article 4 to launch consultations within the alliance over Russia's attack on Ukraine.

“The Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened,” Article 4 of The North Atlantic Treaty says.

According to the NATO website, a consultation under Article 4 can lead to collective action among the 30 member states.

EU foreign policy chief says Russia's attack on Ukraine is one of "darkest hours for Europe since World War II"

24 Feb 2022, 02:43 pm

“These are among the darkest hours for Europe since the end of World War II,” EU High Representative Josep Borrell told reporters.

Indian students in Ukraine asked to go inside bunkers

24 Feb 2022, 02:37 pm

As Air India evacuation flight to Ukraine was recalled after Kiev closed air space for passenger flights, Indian citizens remain stranded in the country.

Talking to All India Radio about present situation, a student in Ukraine says: "It is an emergency situation, we advised to go into bunkers."

Air India flight to Ukraine recalled as airspace closes for civilian flights

24 Feb 2022, 01:11 pm

Air India special flight headed to Kyiv to bring back stranded students has been recalled as Ukraine closed airspace for civilian flights in the wake of Russia announcing military action in the crisis-hit country.

The flight had taken off today morning at around 7:30 to bring back Indians especially students from Ukraine.

(Image Credit: Twitter/Air India)

Ukraine will defend itself and will win: Kiev

24 Feb 2022, 12:57 pm

As Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday and warned other nations any attempt to interfere saying it would lead to “unforeseen consequences”, Kyiv, which is the capital city, slammed back, saying "Ukraine will defend itself and will win".

At UN, India calls for immediate de-escalation in Ukraine

24 Feb 2022, 11:56 am

As Russia authorised special military operations in Ukraine's Donbas, India at the UN Security Council on Thursday called for immediate de-escalation and refraining from any further action that could contribute to a worsening of the situation. India's Permanent Representative at the UN, TS Tirumurti, addressing an emergency UN Security Council meeting, expressed “deep concern over the developments, which if not handled carefully, may well undermine the peace and security of the region”.

He said that when the Security Council had met two days ago India had called for urgent deescalation of tensions and emphasised on sustained and focused diplomacy to address all issues concerning the situation. “We note with regret that the calls of the international community to give time to the recent initiatives undertaken by parties to defuse tensions were not heeded.”

NATO Reaction

24 Feb 2022, 11:56 am

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: I strongly condemn Russia’s reckless and unprovoked attack on Ukraine, which puts at risk countless civilian lives. Once again, despite our repeated warnings and tireless efforts to engage in diplomacy, Russia has chosen the path of aggression against a sovereign and independent country.

This is a grave breach of international law, and a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security. I call on Russia to cease its military action immediately and respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. NATO Allies will meet to address the consequences of Russia’s aggressive actions. We stand with the people of Ukraine at this terrible time. NATO will do all it takes to protect and defend all Allies.

World will hold Russia accountable: Joe Biden

24 Feb 2022, 11:54 am

US President Joe Biden called the action an "unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces".

"The prayers of the entire world are with the people of Ukraine," he said.


Putin announces military operations

24 Feb 2022, 11:53 am

"I have made the decision of a military operation," Vladimir Putin said  in Moscow.

In an address  on national television,  Putin announced military action in Donbas, urging Ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and go home, according to state-run news agencies RIA-Novosti and TASS.

Putin warned that all responsibility for any potential bloodshed will be on the conscience of the Ukrainian government, and said he was confident Russian service members will fulfill their duty.

Putin earlier had recognized the independence of self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics of Ukraine.