October 26, 2021 01:02 (IST)
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How To Maintain Car Disc Brakes: Top 5 Tips To Keep Them In Tip-Top Condition Car

How To Maintain Car Disc Brakes: Top 5 Tips To Keep Them In Tip-Top Condition

Sponsored post | @indiablooms | 26 Sep 2021, 11:19 pm

What is the most vital auto part of our car? It is the brakes, without any doubt. Brakes are our first defense to prevent any sort of crash or accident as it helps us slow down the speed of our vehicles and bring it to a halt whenever necessary. Every modern car that we see on the streets leverage the enhanced disc brake system to facilitate effective braking performance and lower the speed of a moving vehicle. Therefore, get your braking system checked and just in case you need discs at affordable prices, feel free to check out the disc brakes price from boodmo.com, as Boodmo is known for the quality and affordability they offer.


Most people are aware that modern braking systems are very complex and alo kind of expensive. As a consequence, nobody wants their disc brakes to wear out early because that would mean replacing them, which does not come cheap. But what most people do not know is that there are certain things we could do to maintain our car disc brakes and consequently increase its life. Therefore, without wasting further time, let us quickly sift through some tips to help automobile owners keep their disc brake in ideal condition.

  • Astute Driving: What happens when we fail to pay proper attention to the road ahead while driving? We are bound to slam the brakes to slow the vehicle quickly. Therefore the best one can do read the road ahead effectively and be observant while driving the car. For instance, if we notice a speed breaker that is two hundred meters away from the moving vehicle. We have two choices in such a situation, the first being to slow down the vehicle gradually with little pressure on the brakes or drive up fast towards the speed breaker and then hit the brakes, exerting increased pressure on the brakes. Therefore, we must always gradually slow down the vehicle to exert less pressure on the brakes and improve their lives.
  • Keeping The As Light Weight As Possible: It is no secret that most of us fill our vehicles with unnecessary heavy stuff without understanding the consequences of weight on our braking system. With a basic understanding of science, we can see that a heavy vehicle can cause more kinetic load. As a result, the brake pads of our car has to deal with that heavy load whenever we try to slow a moving vehicle or bring it to a complete stop. Different things, including extra body panels, aftermarket stereo systems, and other extravaganza customizations, can increase the vehicle's overall weight. As a result, this will reduce the overall life of the barking system of the car.
  • Driving At Moderate Speeds: Speed is the biggest enemy of the braking system of our vehicles. Driving a car at high speeds and bringing it to an abrupt halt or even trying to slow the vehicle abruptly can cause severe irreversible damage to the brake pads. The more one speeds and relies on harsh braking, the sooner the brake pads will wear out, leading to no alternative but to replace them altogether. Suppose we are driving at a speed of 90 km/h, and suddenly we notice a speed breaker or a signal 150 meters ahead of the moving vehicle. In such cases, we have no other choice but to stop or slow the car abruptly, leading to premature brake pad wear.

  • Upgrading Or Replacing Brakes Pads: Every time we take our vehicles to be serviced and change or upgrade different vehicle automotive components, brake pads must always be on the top of the list of priorities. There are many specially engineered brake pads designed to withstand more heat than usual brake pads. When we upgrade or replace the brake pads of our vehicles, we also reduce the amount of brake dust exerted from the braking pads. This, in turn, helps to enhance the life of the discs found in disc braking systems. Premium quality brake pads might be more expensive than the usual ones, but one must not forget that they also last longer and keep the discs in good health.  
  • Overheating The Braking System: Using the brakes continuously can cause the braking system to overheat, which is the worst that could happen to the disc brakes. Especially when driving downhill slopes, one must refrain from using the brakes for a prolonged period of time and use the gears instead to slow the vehicle's descent. Overheated braking systems are likely to lose their effectiveness with time and even cause severe damage to the disc. This could ultimately result in the disc getting warped, which is definitely not something that wants to happen to their vehicle.

Maintain The Effectiveness Of Your Braking System

Modern vehicles are equipped with enhanced braking systems that are engineered to last for a prolonged period. However, that does not mean that one can just go on without maintaining the braking system because the wear of discs and brakes depend on various factors.