The Ultimate Check List for JEE 2017

The Ultimate Check List for JEE 2017

India Blooms News Service | 31 Mar 2017

With just a few months left for JEE 2017, it’s time to pull up your socks. For those who will be appearing for Class XII board exam in the upcoming month, the situation is even tricky. But don’t worry! Believe in your preparation and pay attention to the following last-minute checklists that will keep you in the game till the very end.

Stay focused

You are on the last leg of your journey, so hold in there. Last few months must have been quite pressuring. However,keep your focus and pull in long hours of studies. If you are comfortable studying during the night, then so be it. And if you are a morning person, make sure you find a quiet corner in the house to continue with your studies. But whatever is said and done, do catch up on an adequate amount of sleep. Make sure you sleep for at least 6-7 hours every day.

Don’t Ignore Class XII Curriculum

Last year, the HRD ministry decided to do away with the process of  giving 40 percent weightage to Class XII marks for determining the JEE ranking. However, Class XII score still matters when it comes to fulfilling the eligibility criteria for competitive exams. So, while studying for JEE 2017 is important, paying attention to your class XII curriculum is equally significant.

Peer Study

Peer study groups can be extremely helpful in keeping your competitive spirit alive.
Join a peer study group, and take out a few hourseveryweek to meet fellow engineering aspirants for peer study sessions. For each session,decide beforehand about a particular part of the syllabus that has to be discussed.

Attend Doubt Resolution Sessions

Certain coaching centres, such as Aakash institute,have a stream of highly experienced faculty members to guide students through various stages of the preparation. Thanks to this practice, Aakash reviews have been quite favourable. If you read Aakash reviews, you will get to know how helpful these sessions are.

Take Mock Tests

One of the many reasons why you should join a coaching institute of repute is because it is likely to conduct a series of mock and practice tests throughout the year. For instance, mock tests of Aakash Institute are developed by the expert faculty of the institute. The facultyfollows scientific and predictive methodology to set questions. Participating in these tests on a regular basis will help you in rehearsing for the main examination. Your speed will improve, and you can attempt several questions in a short duration of time.

Revise! Revise! Revise

Do not make the mistake of picking up new topics for study during the last few days of preparation. Instead pay attention to those chapters and syllabus that you have covered so far. Revise as much as you can. Instead of trying to finish the entire syllabus, it’s advised to polish your strengths so that you can get the desired result.

Last but not the least, take care of your health. As the date of exam is getting closer, you can’t afford to fall sick. Avoid eating from outside, and drink a lot of water. Follow a simple diet plan. If your schedule permits, take out some time for meditation. These small, yet significant steps will keep your mind and body healthy.

The Ultimate Check List for JEE 2017

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