Canada: #boycottTimHortons trends on Twitter, consumers support restaurant employees over pay-hike aftermath

Canada: #boycottTimHortons trends on Twitter, consumers support restaurant employees over pay-hike aftermath

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 10 Jan 2018

Toronto, Jan 10 (IBNS): Tim Hortons is suddenly facing heat from its own consumers as many of them have boycotted the restaurant after it denied benefits to its employees over the Ontario's decision of pay hike.

Son of Tim Horton's co-founder, Ron Joyce, and his wife issued a letter in December stating the employees will not get the benefit of paid breaks and also they will have to pay half the cost of dental and health benefits from Jan 1, 2018.

The reduction in the benefits by the company came after the province increased the hourly wage of employees from $11.60 to $14.

The company owns two restaurants in Ontario.

The consumers of Tim Hortons took to social media and started a #boycottTimHortons campaign to support the restaurant employees who are suffering the aftermath of the province's call.

Canadian Norm Jones tweeted: " Tim Hortons We would not fault you for increasing prices to the actual costs for labour. We object to passing those costs on to workers, this is a slap in the face to your employees and a disgrace of your vision statement. You do not value employees at all. #boycottTimHortons."

Slamming Tim Hortons, Deborah Marry said: "Shame on 2 TimHortons locations in Coburg, Ontario that are franchise/owned by Tim Horton Jr. and his wife the daughter of Ron Joyce himself!!! Why with all the money you both have would you punish your employees for making a living wage? #TimHortons #boycottTimHortons."

Chris Jakubowski clearly stated that he will not visit any outlet of the restaurant for coffee until the policies are changed in favour of the employees. "British Columbian standing with Ontario workers to #BoycottTimHortons I will not visit another Horton's until policies are in place to treat workers fairly and with dignity. Not even paying for breaks when they are on their feet all day? Shame. "

In a similar tone, another Twitter user Octavia Daenerys voiced anger by saying: "Please DO NOT ask me to go to, pick up from or take you to the morally bankrupt .@TimHortons after reading this I feel absolutely SICK to my stomach that they would find a loophole to f-their employees..."

Steve Carroll termed the way Tim Hortons is treating its employees is "un-Canadian". The tweet reads: " OK - This may be the least Canadian thing I've ever tweeted, but I'm boycotting @TimHortons. You simply can't treat your employees that way. THAT'S un-Canadian. "

Onatrio premier Kathleen Wynne sharply reacted to the development few days ago.

Wynne's reaction was quoted by Financial Post: "When I read the reports about Ron Joyce, Jr., who is a man whose family founded Tim Hortons, the chain was sold for billions of dollars, and when I read how he was treating his employees, it just felt to me like this was a pretty clear act of bullying."

"I hope that he understands this is really not a decent thing to be doing in a place as wealthy as Ontario" she added.

Expressing concern for the employees, the Ontario Premier said: "I hope he recognizes that his employees need to be treated decently."

Hitting out at the company, Wynne said Tim Hortons should restrain itself from taking a toll on the employees because of the pay hike by the Ontario. She said the company must walk up to her if it wants to challenge the Ontario government policy at all.

She even urged Tim Hortons to reverse its decision of cutting the employees' benefits.

(Reporting by Suman Das)

Canada: #boycottTimHortons trends on Twitter, consumers support restaurant employees over pay-hike aftermath

India Blooms News Service
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