January 20, 2021 19:37 (IST)
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What Factors to consider when comparing Travel Insurances

What Factors to consider when comparing Travel Insurances

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 18 Jun 2019, 04:00 pm

Selecting the correct travel insurance plan for you and your family is as important as selecting which doctor to go to for medical treatment. It affects things in the larger scheme of things and is not a decision that should be made in haste. It protects you from unforeseen events and ensures that you travel stress free and make the most of your experience while visiting a place. However, how do you select the plan that is best for you? There are a lot of international travel insurance plans available which one can read through, analyze, compare and make a decision on your own. To do this, you must know the factors that you must consider while comparing different plans.

• The policy cover that the insurance company is providing should be sufficient to cover the medical cost of the country you are travelling to. The cost of medical treatment is usually the biggest expense that needs coverage against and this is something that should not be compromised upon. While buying travel insurance for USA from India make sure that the medical cost coverage is the highest because the USA is one of the most expensive countries to get medically treated at.

• The cancellation cover against flights should be appropriate and provide you with as much relief as possible at the time of cancellation of a plan or a flight.

• Every destination is not covered by all insurance policies. Read the terms carefully and ensure that the destination you are travelling to be covered under the policy terms and conditions.

• A lot of insurance policies do not cover pre-existing diseases or illness. If you or another traveller is suffering from a pre-existing condition then discuss this with the insurance company as they all have different policies in this regard. Some do not cover it at all and some provide coverage against a higher amount. Do not hesitate in paying that extra amount if needed as this can prove to be beneficial in the longer run.

• Policies provide relief against lost, damaged or stolen baggage however they do not cover every single item under this. Most companies leave out valuable items like laptops, cameras, tablets and mobile phones. Look for a policy that covers at least some of these items if not all.

• Select an insurance plan that has a higher claim settlement ratio so that the number of claims accepted is more than the rejected ones. Every policy will differ in terms of what they cover and you must choose what you think is the most important for you.

• Opt for a policy that allows extension of coverage in case you decide to extend your vacation.

• Compare the exclusions of the different policies as they all have their own terms and conditions regarding certain situations. Some of the exclusions that most policies will have in their plan are coverage against sporting activities, mental disorder, injury and accident due to the influence of alcohol or drugs and other various things. If you are looking at indulging in sports activities while on your trip make sure that you convey this to the insurance company and see if they can accommodate your request. No points for guessing that you should opt for the one that gives you exactly what you need.

• The cost of the premium is something that you should be able to pay as per your budget. Do not skimp out on necessary coverage because of the amount of premium as this can lead you to spending more than you wanted to save.