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Beyond the Beaches: 3 Ways to Explore Bahamas Through the Eyes of a Local

Picture this,a seagull on the back of a swimming pig in the clear water of Bahamas.

Photo by larsen9236 / CC0 Creative Commons

Beyond the Beaches: 3 Ways to Explore Bahamas Through the Eyes of a Local

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 31 May 2019, 04:36 pm

The coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas is famous for its scenic beaches and a summer tropical weather that’ll melt away all your stress. With more than 700 islands, you can safely call the Bahamas a paradise, an ecological oasis, with the clearest water on the Earth. You will not only fill your Instagram feed with palm trees and white sand beaches but also swimming pigs and one-of-a-kind underwater fauna. While the Bahamas is the perfect vacation spot for romance and adventure, it is also one of the most interesting places on Earth when it comes to the people, the Bahamians.

The local culture is probably one of the best things about the Bahamas that vacationers often miss. The Bahamians are fun-loving people with a laid-back attitude. They are probably the friendliest people on Earth, with an extremely positive outlook on life. After all, their philosophy is to worry about the bad things tomorrow and embrace life today with a warm smile. They speak English everywhere on the island but with a Bahamian twist.

Bahamians also take great pride in their storied past, with their descent tracing back to West Africans and English settlers, which has led to the beautifully chaotic and colorful culture of the Bahamas. This hybrid culture has given birth to various forms of music and art styles, the most famous of them being the Junkanoo festival. Even if you miss out on Junkanoo, there are lively dances and grand celebrations year-round in the Bahamas.

Here, you will discover the three best ways that you can explore the Bahamas through the eyes of a local. After all, you can’t unlock the various secrets of the islands without a local by your side.

Photo by vivienviv0 / CC0 Creative Commons

Guest hosting as a means of cultural exchange is an excellent way for travelers to experience the local culture of a place.

In the Bahamas, you have plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. One can choose to stay at the glittering resort hotel towers or count out their days at the short-term rental properties, but for vacationers looking to experience the Bahamas like a local, the easiest way is to share the residence with a local. But you might say it’s easier said than done. Just like so many other times, technology has the answer, and that answer is Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is all about a willing local ready to host you in their home for cultural exchange or meeting new people. The lodging costs zero money, and you will get to explore the Bahamas in the most local way possible. It’s the millennial way of adventure traveling and discovering a country through its people. You will experience the authentic Bahamian life, whether it be drinking cheap beer at a local bar, exchanging inside jokes or operating on island time.

If Couchsurfing is something you’re not quite sure of, there is another super-fun way that a willing Bahamian can host you. As mentioned above, Bahamians are quite proud of their culture and hospitable. The Bahamas offers a People to People International (PTPI) program where tourists pair with local ambassadors who take their guests on a personalized journey around the Bahamas. The hosts prepare a personalized itinerary full of tours and excellent restaurant recommendations, with guests reporting to not only experience royal hospitality treatment but also go on exceptional adventures with the locals such as a quest to find records of an ancestor who had died in the Bahamas in the 1800s. Still, haven’t convinced you? Read all about the guests’ great experiences on TripAdvisor.

Not everybody is lucky enough to find a host through Couchsurfing or the PTPI program. But then again, not all Bahamians are available on these platforms. It’s a good thing you don’t need technology or a non-governmental program to make friends. The great thing about Bahamians is their friendly nature. Roam around the local hangout spots and soon, you’ll get to chat with your new friend. An open mind and a desire to discover will land you in any local’s heart. Instead of going to a night club, head to a local festival and watch the magic of Bahamian culture unfurl in front of your eyes. You never know what adventure a new friendship will strike in the late hours of the night or early morning of the sandy beaches.

Beyond the Beaches: 3 Ways to Explore Bahamas Through the Eyes of a Local

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