10 Ways to Plan Summer Holiday with Limited Budget

10 Ways to Plan Summer Holiday with Limited Budget

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 12 Feb 2018

Vacations are a great opportunity when we get some relaxation from our daily routine. It is also a great opportunity to experience something new. But planning for vacations is very complex because holiday trips are generally expensive. Though we are planning a small trip, yet we have to plan it to be sure that how we can enjoy at a minimum cost. There are a plethora of ways to save money on holiday trip, but for adopting these ways, you should explore properly the area you want to visit on your vacations.

Ways to Plan Summer Holiday with Limited Budget
The following are some ways which can help for holiday trip:

1} Explore less expensive places

Generally, the tourists get attracted to the places which are quite expensive. So while planning for budget tour packages, we should not think about popular places because those places will always be more expensive. Generally, more popular places will have high budget holiday packages. If you are planning for the most popular place, then you should find a town near that destination where you can stay. Some countries which can be visited budget holiday packages are Mexico, Canada, Slovenia, Hungary, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

2} Plan Trip according to season

Often there are some certain times in the year when some tourist places are more costly. As Europe is the most costlier to visit in summer and Hawaii is a place which is costly to visit during winters. So if you are planning your holidays, you should look for budget tour packages or budget holiday packages offered by websites like Groupon and Travel zoo. In this way, you can make your budget for holidays to calculate in the more easy way.

3} Bundling can reduce the cost

There are so many websites which offer you to bundle with them for car, hotel and flight charges so that your budget holiday package can help you save a lot of money.  Flight charges also vary according to demand, so the best way is to often check those websites who give information about ups and downs in flight charges. In this way, you can estimate the cost of your ticket for your budget holiday package. The ticket should be finalized for 3 months prior because if you are booking your ticket nearby to the dates of travel, it would be the worst time. Sky scanner is a website which often gives you information regarding ups and downs in airfare. This site can give you a better sense of a good time to purchase a ticket.

4} Round trip tickets

One way tickets are usually costlier than roundtrip tickets, that’s why one should to fly in and out of the same airport. Both departure and return tickets should be booked at one go. Usually, car agencies also charge extra from overall budget tour package if you leave the car at the different airport, so it should be planned to start and end the journey from the same airport. Cost of flights also vary according to different times of the day, so while making choice for your flight, you should confirm prices of different flights as well. There are some services like Priceline which offers you more than 50% discount if you travel on some certain days, so once you should go through all these while planning for budget tour holidays.

5} Choice of hotel

While making choice for a hotel, if you have not bookedyour budget tour package with any service line, then you should directly contact hotels rather than talk to online services. They can provide you some independent hotels, which are generally cheaper than some corporate chains which are for business clients.Then there are some independent hotels as well. These independent hotels sometimes provide you discounts as well if you are staying there for certain days.

6} Consider hostels or dormitories

Hostels can also be considered for staying purpose. Though they are not too much luxurious, yet can provide you the opportunity to make your budget holiday package more relaxing. If you really want to go for this option, then Hostelworld.com is the best resource. There are several websites named Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway which help you find a rented apartment for a particular period of time.

7} Opt for local meals

If you dine in the same hotelthat you are staying then it would be more costly, so you should search for local meals and common food of that area. If you are bound to save money on your tripthenembrace local food of that place. You should also take some light snacks for you. Before traveling you should figure out everything, what their local food is, whether you would be familiar with that or not. While tripping, always give priority to bigger meals in the morning.

8} Cut down on phone calls

International calls are generallymorecostly, so you should put down your phone on the trip. If urgent then make use of international dial cards, which will be generally available at cheaper rates. If you will use free service like Skype, it would be much better. These things would make your budget tour package more enjoyable.

9} Explore coupons and Promo Codes

It would be more helpful for you if you explore some coupons or promo codes. Generally, you can get promo codes for the restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and manufacturers. Some coupons work at local and some at the national level, so before the trip, you should make distinctions between them.

10} Less use of cards

At trip, you should make less use of cards, as they generally charge some foreign exchange fees from you. Make use of cash. If you want to exchange the currency, then use ATM’s for that. If you go for currency exchange at airports, then you have to pay a big amount as a fee. Local bank ATM’s are the best option for this.

So while planning your budget holiday package, you should make an estimate of the maximum amount of money that you can afford to spend for your holidays.  After that, you can make plans accordingly. Above mentioned ways can help you in the best possible manner to make your holidayquite enjoyable.


10 Ways to Plan Summer Holiday with Limited Budget

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