February 28, 2021 15:04 (IST)
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Aatmanirbhar Bharat is not merely govt efforts, it is national spirit: PM Modi | ISRO launches PSLV-C51 carrying Brazil's Amazonia-1, 18 other satellites | Coronavirus vaccines to be capped at Rs. 250 per shot in private hospitals: Centre | After Mamata Banerjee's show, Smriti Irani rides scooter in Bengal | India must leverage growing air traffic to establish robust aircraft leasing industry: Aviation Minister Hardeep S Puri

Working too much could lead to high blood pressure: Study

New York/IBNS: Being a workaholic may not just affect your social life. People who put in long hours at the office may be more likely to have high blood pressure, a new study shows.

How to keep year-end deadlines from ruining your health, experts give suggestions

New York/IBNS: The end of the year is supposed to be a time to celebrate and relax. But for many, the traditional sounds of the season include a giant, ticking clock – and not the fun kind from your favorite rockin' New Year's Eve show.

Deep sleep can rewire the anxious brain: Study

London/IBNS: When it comes to managing anxiety disorders, William Shakespeare’s Macbeth had it right when he referred to sleep as the “balm of hurt minds.” While a full night of slumber stabilizes emotions, a sleepless night can trigger up to a 30% rise in anxiety levels, according to new research from UC Berkeley.

Stress in early life could make people more likely to develop depression: Study

London, May 11 (IBNS): New research by the University of Bristol has found that early life adversity could make an individual more at risk of developing negative thinking, which could lead to major depressive disorder (MDD). The findings provide biological and psychological evidence to support work first proposed in the 1960s.

Comfort food leads to more weight gain during stress: Study

Sydney, Apr 27 (IBNS): It’s no secret that overindulging on high-calorie foods can be detrimental to health, but it turns out that under stress, watching what you eat may be even more important.

Stress, overtime, disease, contribute to 2.8 million workers’ deaths per year, reports UN labour agency

United Nations, Apr 18 (IBNS): Stress, excessively-long working hours and disease, contribute to the deaths of nearly 2.8 million workers every year, while an additional 374 million people get injured or fall ill because of their jobs, the UN labour agency, ILO, said on Thursday.

Having a partner present even in your mind can keep blood pressure down: Study

New York, Jan 23 (IBNS): When faced with a stressful situation, thinking about your romantic partner may help keep your blood pressure under control just as effectively as actually having your significant other in the room with you, according to a new study by University of Arizona psychologists.

New studies show dark chocolate consumption reduces stress and inflammation, while improving memory, immunity and mood

London, Apr 25 (IBNS): New research shows there might be health benefits to eating certain types of dark chocolate.

Study finds therapy dogs help stressed university students

New York, Mar 12 (IBNS): Therapy dog sessions for stressed-out students are an increasingly popular offering at North American universities.

Stressed out? Try smelling your partner’s shirt, says study

Toronto, Jan 5 (IBNS): The scent of a romantic partner can help lower stress levels, new psychology research from the University of British Columbia has found.

Mindfulness training reduces stress during exam time, finds study

London, Dec 19 (IBNS): Mindfulness training can help support students at risk of mental health problems, concludes a randomised controlled trial carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Behaviour not indicative of pain in stressed babies, says study

London, Dec 2 (IBNS): In stressed newborn babies, behaviour alone is not a reliable way of assessing pain, according to new UCL and UCLH research.

Study shows stress could be just as unhealthy as junk food

London, Oct 17 (IBNS): We all know that a poor diet is unhealthy, but a new BYU study finds that stress may be just as harmful to our bodies as a really bad diet.

Stress is prime cause of heart disease, ICICI Lombard Survey reveals

Mumbai, Oct 11 (IBNS): ICICI Lombard conducted a survey of cardiologists to burst myths associated with heart-related ailments and highlight the facts about cardiovascular disease. The survey involved face-to-face interviews with 50 cardiologists, each with more than 10 years of experience.

Sugarcane component cuts stress, increases sleep, finds study

Tokyo, Sept 7 (IBNS): Everyone empirically knows that stressful events certainly affect sound sleep.