January 27, 2023 19:17 (IST)
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Hockey Men's World Cup 2023: India beat Japan 8-0 in classification match | Amid row, Kerala Congress screens controversial BBC documentary on PM Modi in Thiruvananthapuram | Republic Day Parade to showcase India’s indigenous military prowess, cultural diversity | Mulayam Singh Yadav, Zakir Hussain conferred Padma Vibhushan award | Dilip Mahalanabis, who pioneered ORS use, to be awarded Padma Vibhushan

BFSI Stocks: Now is the time!

The season seems ripe for investors in the banking and financial services sector. While larger BFSI stocks, several of which are part of the popular benchmarks, have generally crept northwards, a diverse range of smaller names has attracted fresh allocations from investors looking for cheaper bargains, especially those in the financials space.

Investors focus on consumption stocks as the sector registers growth

Retail consumption, the biggest victim of global inflation, is finally breaking new ground. The change in outlook is being reflected perceptibly in investors’ preferences for the consumer durables and FMCG sectors. Both are now being driven by the possibility of superior revenue generation and increase in profitability, a trend reflected in the indices.

Systematic Lump-sum Withdrawal: Empowering you well after retirement

Withdrawals are just about the most niggling issue for retirees. Will it make sense to have a uniform withdrawal rate, at least for the first few years? How will withdrawals be taxed? Will my corpus, after every withdrawal, generate enough so as to at least beat inflation? These are some of the questions that haunt the average individual after superannuation.

Fixed Deposits: On A Rebound

Fixed deposits are once again gaining primacy, thanks to factors that are working in tandem in their favour, prompting an influential section of investors to consider these fixed-income options in addition to market-linked securities.

Defence Stocks: The trend in their favour will get stronger

Defence, it seems, is the new offence for more than just a few investors. A number of defence sector stocks have witnessed fresh price discovery, leading to enhanced valuations. As brokers and intermediaries urge clients to allocate to the sector, trading volumes look set to gain new ground.

India's Pension Narrative: PERDA is mulling to roll out assured return scheme

The pensions narrative in India seems to be acquiring a new dimension, at least partially, thanks to an assured return variant that the government is expected to introduce in the days ahead. 

Longevity Risk: Ways to Tackle It

In an era marked by increased life expectancy, no risk is more potentially debilitating for the average investor than Longevity Risk. Indians, who are now living longer, face the terrible prospect of outliving their resources, especially their retirement savings. The scenario seems bleak for policy mavens – they must ensure comprehensive old-age social security for all, a goal that is far from being achieved in our country

Term Plan Adjustments: What does it mean and how does it work?

In the grand scheme of events, most of you would have prioritized leading a comfortable life and ensuring that your family is safeguarded in case of any unforeseen event. One of the first steps needed to achieve this goal is financial planning. To ensure stable and steady growth of your wealth, financial experts advise you to invest in various financial assets.  One such asset that not only provides you with an enhanced return but also provides financial security to your family, in case of your untimely death, is term insurance. Read ahead to know more about offline andonline term insurance plans and the importance of term plan adjustments.

FAQ Session: Answering 6 Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Term Insurance

When you’re looking to invest in life insurance, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. There are lots of terms that you may want explained and questions you may want to ask. Most term insurance plans are more affordable and offer peace of mind while still allowing for flexibility. Here are some answers that can help you with your insurance decision.

Covid-19 and your investment strategy post pandemic

I had shared my below mentioned thoughts on 25th July, 2019 but never wanted to become true....unfortunately, it is a reality within 9 months. Let us go through the old message of my past post once, before we proceed: "I personally sense that we are going to face hard times ahead, a sort of slow down & recession....Cut down all your expenses drastically.Survive only on basic mode. Postpone or drop all your WANTS and spend only on UTMOST NEEDS. Outing, Movies, Shopping, Dining / Drinking, Bday/Anniversary Parties, Get-together meets - ALL these can wait. Stay light, stay tight... Survival should be your utmost priority now."

Tips to Get a Low Interest Personal Loan in India

The popularity of personal loans has been changing the scenario of the Indian lending market. As per stats released by the Reserve Bank of India, personal loans accounted for as much as 96% of non-food credits in the year 2018.

Make Sure You are Eligible for Personal Loan in 2020 with these Tips

For a common person in India who is salaried, lives in an urban area on rent, it is hard to get a loan without any credit. Especially in situations where the money is required to meet any personal need or an emergency, a common man is not expected to get the loan from banks or financial institutions without any collateral. However, with the popularity of personal loans increasing each day, this fact is quickly turning into a myth.

How to Get Rid of Your Credit Card's Annual Fee?

According to reports from last year, the end of the previous year recorded 44.2 million active credit cards in circulation across India. The original spike in credit card users began after demonetisation in India when high-value currency notes were temporarily unavailable. With a rise in the number of credit card users, different types of credit cards were also introduced by the financial institutions.

Not Sure if You Are Good with Managing Finances? Here is Why You Need a Financial Advisor

Creating a balance between what you earn and what you invest is not as easy as it may sound. Many people think they are good at managing their investment decisions. However, they often end up over-spending on things they do not need and fall into a debt they can’t easily pay.

7 Reasons to Start Financial Planning Early

Most of the people consider financial planning as an old man’s game. However, a rupee invested today would be more than a rupee invested tomorrow, and therefore, the sooner the one starts investing, the greater the benefits are available. It’s never too early to start a financial planning.