May 21, 2022 15:47 (IST)
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7 Essential Elements Your SEO Strategy MUST Include to Beat Your Competition

7 Essential Elements Your SEO Strategy MUST Include to Beat Your Competition

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 17 Jan 2020, 10:43 am

An SEO strategy can be considered as the blueprint of your entire Search Engine Optimization activities. Any competent SEO company in India starts this planning by understanding the goal of the business and later works towards improving visibility, driving traffic to the website, improving the conversion rates and eventually boosting both the top and bottom lines. There are a few key elements that the SEO strategy must include to be successful and beat the competition. These elements are discussed below.

Business Goals

Your business goal plays a guiding role in devising an impactful and effective strategy. Thus, think about it and be crystal clear about what you want. Convey the same to the agency you have hired for the job so that they can plan the SEO strategy based on your goals.

Target Audience & Competitors

Identifying the target audience and where they will be found is the next important step in any SEO strategy planning. You also need to figure out who your competitors are, how they are placed, what SEO strategy they are following etc. A viable SEO strategy should be based on the findings of all such questions.

Analysis of Past Performance

Before carving out the path of the future journey, it’s important to know where you stand. Past performance analysis comes handy in this and key performance indicators of the last two to three years are seen and analysed. This gives a fair idea of what has worked and what needs to be worked upon. The major parameters to analyse are current visibility, website design and optimization, the current position among the business competitors etc.

High-Quality Content

Now comes into picture the content, which includes textual as well as visual. SEO in India is today focusing more on visual content as it has emerged in engaging the audience better with a more lasting impact. Each and every piece of content that is designed and uploaded should be relevant, unique and of top-notch quality. The SEO campaign cannot succeed by taking any shortcut. It is a long journey where every step matters. Thus, the planning should be extensive, solid and fool-proof.

The content should contain properly researched keywords in a natural way and it should be updated regularly. The sole aim of posting the content should not only be getting noticed by search engine algorithms but also to provide value to the readers. It is only the meta content that is created for the browsers and the web crawlers. Thus, the aspects that should be created with the best SEO practices in mind are Meta titles, Meta keywords and Meta descriptions.

High-Quality Links

Off-site authority building is a key aspect of any SEO strategy. This simply means building your presence and authority on other reputed sites in your niche where your targeted audience is likely to be visiting. As these sites then provide inbound links to yours, they are more likely to visit your website too. This link building exercise is taken as positive by search engines. The main thing to keep in mind here is that this whole exercise should be genuine and not completed through spammy or unnatural link building. You can use all white hat techniques to build this authoritativeness like publishing high-quality content, press releases, guest blogging etc.

Social Media Campaigns

Social chatter has become a mandatory feature of SEO planning. It helps in establishing page authority, thereby boosting its rankings and traffic. To make this chatter effective, the agency takes many aspects into consideration. This includes finding the right social portals where your target audience is concentrated and then making your presence felt there.

Few of the platforms are such that where everyone wants to be present like Facebook, Twitter etc. Other than these, only those platforms that suit your business niche should be focused upon. The social campaigns are designed to interact and communicate with your potential audience on these platforms engaging them through various activities and motivating them to talk about you further in their social circles.

Data Collection and Analysis

Now that you have planned and launched your SEO campaign, it’s important to see whether it is going in the desired direction or not. To do so, you need to use the various available tools to collect the data at every step and analyse it. For instance, if data suggests you got 6,0000 visits a month, you need to see if they are also converting at the rate you want it to or is it just irrelevant traffic. Based on this analysis, you can move forward tweaking the strategy, making adjustments wherever required.

These are a few key elements that any good SEO company in India such as Techmagnate will include in its SEO strategy planning. A perfect combination of planning, implementation, monitoring and taking corrective actions based on the outcome is important to establish a successful business.