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WordPress 5.2 Update Adds Security For 30% Of Internet

WordPress 5.2 Update Adds Security For 30% Of Internet

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 13 Jun 2019, 05:11 pm

Since a large amount of businesses and individuals use WordPress to build and maintain their websites, its newest update affects millions of websites online. WordPress 5.2 offers various security features that can improve tons of sites on the internet. As a website developer, you are always looking for the latest ways to give websites a boost. With that being said, you need to know about the advanced features you gain with WordPress 5.2. To expand your knowledge, read on and learn how the WordPress 5.2 update adds security for 30% of internet.

Cryptographically-Signed Updates

Firstly, WordPress 5.2 has cryptographically-signed updates. Their new system is offline and rather impressive in the eyes of developers. Now, the WordPress team is required to sign its update packages for security reasons. The new cryptographic feature minimizes the risk of supply-chain attacks on users' websites. Whether you are located in one of the top tech cities in Asia or a rural town, you can update with a secure package. The platform uses a specific public-key signature system to make verifying the signature's authenticity easy. If you want to ensure that the websites you develop defend against cyber attacks, use the WordPress 5.2 update.

Accessibility Updates

WordPress 5.2 also provides users with beneficial accessibility updates. As a developer, you are aware of how much accessibility impacts security. With that being said, you will want to improve your tactics with this update. You can now maintain awareness over your sites' accessibility more efficiently. Moreover, you can navigate easily with the help of new technological tools that WordPress has implemented. To make your sites even more accessible, WordPress has supplied you with multiple new plugin compatibility checks. Take advantage of these new features with the WordPress 5.2 update.

PHP Error Protection

Additionally, the new WordPress 5.2 update has PHP error protection. This feature is particularly advantageous in fatal website situations. While youmay have access to various resources when such a circumstance arises, many website owners do not. Prior to this update, they had to find someone with advanced website development experience to assist them in fixing their fatal errors. In the meantime, the website marketing analytics drop due to downtime. WordPress seemingly took this into consideration when creating their PHP error protection system. Now, site owners can enter recovery mode easily. At the same time, developers can expedite their recovery processes as well. Use WordPress 5.2 to improve your PHP error protection.

Security Status Page

WordPress 5.2 offers a new menu item called "Status". This new page allows developers to monitor website performance and security simultaneously. Depending on your WordPress hosting solution, you can easily determine when you need to make changes. If you need a new PHP update, you will be able to realize it almost immediately. As long as you constantly check the page, you can advance your security protocols for the sites you develop. To access the status page, visit the WordPress administrative menu and select the option. In doing so, you will increase your value as a developer by building safer sites.

Privacy Updates

Developers also improve their work with the new WordPress 5.2 update's privacy advancements. If you work with privacy policy pages on a regular basis or use a privacy policy template for your website, this update will especially benefit you. The platform's new update allows developers to speed up their privacy policy page customization processes. It does so through features such as a new function, a new menu item class and a new theme template. Furthermore, you can boost your privacy policy page processes through the data export changes WordPress made for this update. You can utilize new filtering and a new hardcoded list too. Increase your safety measures by utilizing this WordPress 5.2 update.

Businesses and individuals alike use WordPress to power the backendof their websites. For this reason, developers strive to improve their processes on the platform. To do so, use the WordPress 5.2 updates that boost security. For instance, the cryptographically-signed updates lowers the risk of using unverified updates. The platform's accessibility updates allow users to stay on top of their work efficiently. WordPress implemented a PHP error protection system that allow website owners to fix fatal errors. The new privacy advancements include customization and data export updates. Finally, use the security status page to track website performance and security at the same time. Be sure to implement these WordPress 5.2 updates adding security for 30% of internet.