November 30, 2021 14:01 (IST)
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7 Budget Friendly Ideas for the Post Pandemic Home Makeover Home Makeover
Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7 Budget Friendly Ideas for the Post Pandemic Home Makeover

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 26 Oct 2021, 09:54 pm

A post-pandemic home makeover should emphasise on personal well-being and cleanliness to liven up spirits and help avoid illness spread. We have always been on the quest for fresh beginnings and ways to brighten up our lives. And a new splash of colour can help achieve this quickly and easily.


For a post-pandemic home makeover, take a look at these 7 cost-effective yet inventive ideas.

1.Make Place for Change

Clutter around the home creates anxiety and stress. We have enough of such emotions going around these days due to COVID-19. So, let’s remove it from the home. The problem is that we frequently attach emotional significance to objects. This makes it difficult to let go of what is unnecessary, leading to junk piling up. It will be much simpler for you to make exciting transformations once you declutter your living spaces.

2.Improved Spaces

It is critical to transform our surroundings into ones that promote health and well-being. To be safe, choose a section of your home to act as an isolation room for anyone who could be unwell. Try to separate spaces for things like workouts, entertainment and game nights. This could provide some breathing room for families and could be an integral feature in post-pandemic homes.

3.All Things Antimicrobial

Copper, brass, and bronze are natural antimicrobials, which inhibit the growth of a wide range of pathogens. Many such metals are also great for adding warmth to your home. These metals could be incorporated into your home via bathroom fixtures, door handles, and pieces of art.

You could also consider paints that have been formulated with Nano-Silver Technology when repainting the walls. Such paints have formaldehyde reduction capabilities and inhibit the growth of microbes. Antimicrobial wood coatings are designed specifically to prevent fungal growth. Use such coatings to repaint your wooden interiors and keep them germ free.

4.Swap Around Furniture

Rearranging your furniture is an essential part of renewing the look of your home without having to spend. You will notice a new sense of vitality coming from within your home when you do so. For example, keeping the room style in mind, you could switch the side tables from the living area to the bedroom. Or you could match sets of furniture asymmetrically to dramatically enhance the look of a room. Try different places for smaller furniture to find the appearance that best suits your taste.

5.Mix and Match

Integrating different accessories is a fun and easy way to freshen up your home. For a stunning aesthetic, you could use cushions in a variety of colours and patterns. You could join a few pieces of artwork together to give the appearance of a larger piece. Adding or rearranging rugs can dramatically alter the allure of just about every space in your home. Take advantage of the different textures, colours, patterns, and sizes of rugs for a colourful change in your home.

6.Paint Away Stress

Paint is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a big impact on a room. Paint products like Berger paints for interior walls or Asian Paint's enamels offer you endless options when it comes to giving your space a brand-new look. To give your walls varied textures and designs with minimum effort, you could use designer coatings from Berger interior paints.

Your mind and body respond to colours in different ways. To calm a racing mind, choose a soothing blue colour for the walls. Paint with a subtle lilac to find inner peace and serenity. A golden yellow hue can make you feel extremely relaxed.  A delicate pink can help create a sense of calmness and quiet in a room.

For a faster, cleaner and safer solution for changing your wall colours and creating a happy place, consider using an all-round painting service like Berger Express Painting.

7.Impact with Light and Growth

Changing the lighting schemes and fittings is yet another simple and low-cost solution to give your post-pandemic house a completely new look. To add the right ambiance to your home's doorway, you can use a string of lights. Install spotlights to draw attention to artworks, furniture, or any other decorative pieces. You could also buy an assortment of floor lamps to provide light from various heights throughout your home.

Having a lot of greenery in the home is also a cost-effective method to add liveliness. Plants improve your health by regulating humidity, absorbing toxins, and removing dangerous gases from the air. Succulents, which need little upkeep and have a low lift, are ideal for places like bathrooms, which have relatively low sunlight.

Have fun with the limitless choices for your post-pandemic house makeover. Keep safe, stay cheerful, and be imaginative.