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The Simple Yet Endearing Gujarati Wedding Rituals

The Simple Yet Endearing Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 29 May 2019, 09:55 pm

Gujarat is known as the land of colours and food and Gujarati people are known for the hospitable nature and warmth. This culture and vibe reflect in every Gujarati Matrimony. The rituals and ceremonies that are part of a Gujarati wedding are all about vibrancy and joy. Gujarati weddings never have a dull moment with everyone in the family taking equal part in the entire affair. These weddings bring everyone together in joy and are considered a fun affair.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the wedding rituals that are part of a simple yet endearing Gujarati matrimony.


Gujarati matrimony first begins with match making. These days, matchmaking is also done with the help of matrimonial sites. Once the right match is found, the first ritual of ChandloMatli takes place. This function is about the acceptance of the matrimony between the bride and groom and their respective families. The groom’s family visits the bride’s family and a token of love, also known as shagun, is shared. In some cases, the wedding date is also decided and finalised as part of this function.

Gol Dhana

Gol Dhana is the engagement ceremony in Gujarati matrimony. Gol means jaggery and dhana means coriander seeds. These two food items are considered sacred for any wedding ritual and hence are exchanged between the bride’s and groom’s families on the engagement day. There is also an exchange of gifts and sweets among the families. Rings are exchanged between the bride and groom and the couple then seeks the blessings of elders of the family.

Mehendi and Sanjhi

The Mehendi function is celebrated on the bride’s side followed by sanjhi or sangeet ceremony. Both these functions are about fun and laugher. Mehendi is meant to beautify the bride’s hands and overall look ahead of the wedding.Sanjhiis about the women of the family singing songs in order to create a happy environment for the bride and the entire family. Song and dance are a part of the sangeet ceremony and everyone in the family gets to show their talent. In a way, both families get to know each other better before the actual wedding takes place.

Mangal Muhurat

As with all Indian weddings, Gujarati weddings also involve prayer and offering to Lord Ganesha before the actual wedding. This is known as mangalmuhurat. It takes place at both the bride’s and groom’s house respectively. The families pray for the overall well being along with seeking Lord Ganesha’s blessings to remove any obstacles that might arise before or during the wedding.

Pithi and Mameru

Pithi ritual is about beautifying the bride as well as the groom by applying turmeric paste on them. This is done with all love and affection from the family members at both ends. Mameru ceremony involves the bride’s maternal uncle gifting the bride’s mother with jewellery and money and also providing their blessings for the bride’s well-being.

Jaan, Varghodo, and Kanyadaan

Jaan is a fun event with the arrival of the groom being much awaited by the bride’s family on the wedding day. It is marked with some rituals, which also include pulling the groom’s nose by the bride’s mother. Varghodo is a wedding ceremony that is about the groom and his family marching towards the bride’s house by singing and dancing. Gujarati weddings also involve Kanyadaan, which is done by the bride’s father. As with all Indian weddings, the formalities end with the bride being given a tearful farewell.

Gujarati weddings are about rituals, ceremonies and also about good food. Depending on individual preferences, some like to keep it simple, while some others like to add grandeur. In either case, Gujarati wedding ceremonies can be really endearing.

The Simple Yet Endearing Gujarati Wedding Rituals

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