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Vedic Astrology can be the best guide to plan our future better

Vedic Astrology can be the best guide to plan our future better

Gitanshu Malhotra/IBNS | @indiablooms | 01 Apr 2019, 01:40 pm

Kolkata, Apr 1 (IBNS): The planets and stars show quite clearly our area of interest, abilities and amplitude. Similarly it also shows our levels of efforts we put in for our growth and fulfillment of desires. Let us understand how this may work. A young boy is shy and quite in his class also an average student, however few planets suggest that he is good in absorbing information, retaining it and also goes to the depth of problems and situations.

The parents want him to become a Doctor seeing to his abilities but the profession best suited for him could be Law.  Both require the same caliber but the stars and planets suggest that this quite boy has a good presence of mind and a career in arguing would be more fruitful.

Imagine that right from a young age a student is put through a curriculum that is according to his abilities and amplitude.

Take another example...this time a student from his early days is not very interested in education and likes to stay away from everything that has to do with learning and remembering - instead the student is good at understanding and presenting things in his own best manner. However this does not go well with the teachers and the students ends up scoring poor grades.

If certain planets are strong in the birth chart this could prove to be an excellent combination for doing well in business or a profession related to analysis.  He could become a good software developer, an excellent photographer etc. However if his parents keep pushing him for various extra coaching, home tutors to get good marks, so he could get a decent job and become a professional. What a loss it could prove.

In cases like these VEDIC ASTROLOGY can help and guide like no others.  From an early age it may show the direction in which one should be thinking and preparing itself for a good and a bright future. Imagine a person is trying hard to become a good professional but destiny wants that person to give employment to others start his own organization and grow in that business in the coming future.

Planets can help and guide us to such an extent that we may not understand today. They will not do any miracle but can become a great guide, lay a strong foundation for a better future.

As per Vedic Astrology Reciting the “Gyatri Mantra” helps in realizing happy hormones and enhances your memory   

Various questions get answered related to our day to day life like health, family, career, education, and financial understandings making it easy through scientific Vedic astrology and how the future can be well planned following simple remedies according to the Vedic way of life.

We seek opportunities to collaborate for Industry story participation and/or one-on-one interaction on behalf of the spokesperson, Gitanshu Malhotra, Founder, R U Ketu.

Vedic Astrology can be the best guide to plan our future better

Gitanshu Malhotra/IBNS
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