October 24, 2021 01:20 (IST)
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The Best iPhone Models


The Best iPhone Models

What do you think of owning an iPhone? The first thought that would creep into your mind would be that it is way too expensive. Yes, it is. But somewhere inside, we all feel the same: that if only I could own an iPhone! Owning one is truly a dream for many; though the number of people dreaming so is going down today. Today, you can see the number of iPhone user increase despite its high price. Can we really say that it has a high price? Yes, or maybe not. Apple makes incredible phones and has a great brand value. So, we cannot say that their price is high right?

iPhone service and repair is good

No matter how incredible an iPhone is, one day it is going to need some repairs done or some servicing requirements. Now, we all know that Apple is an American company. So, for the people in India, cannot go all way abroad to get their iPhone serviced. Thus, earlier people felt a bit reluctant to buy this amazing phone because there weren’t much iPhone service and repair centres or iPhone mobile screen repair shops that could be easily accessed within the country. This was also a huge deciding factor for the number of iPhones being bought by the people in the country. That is an old story now. Times have changed and today, like the iPhone service centre in Delhi, there are several iPhone service centres in different parts of the country. This has led to more number of iPhone buyers in India as well.

Best iPhone models

Over the past 11 years, Apple has released several iPhone models. Creating a list of the best iPhones from them is a difficult task and it is not really necessary that everyone should agree to it since every individual has a different point of view. But here, I’ll put down a few models here. The iPhone models that you will see below are not put in any order, such as the worst to best or from the best to worst. Let's just say that they are great ones that i chose from the lot.

● iPhone XS MAX (2018)
● iPhone 7 PLUS (2016)
● iPhone 7 (2016)
● iPhone X (2017)
● iPhone 8 (2017)
● iPhone 5 (2012)
● iPhone XR (2018)
● iPhone 6S PLUS (2015)
● iPhone 8 PLUS (2017)
● iPhone SE (2016)
● iPhone 3G (2008)
● iPhone 3GS (2009)
● iPhone 6 PLUS (2014)
● iPhone 5C (2013)
● iPhone (2007)
● iPhone 6S (2015)
● iPhone XS (2018)
● iPhone 6 (2014)
● iPhone 5S (2013)
● iPhone 4S (2011)
● iPhone 4 (2010)

As said earlier, these are just the list that has been put up. There is no order in which they have been put. Every iPhone model that comes into the market has a great set of features and is the best in quality. And, people all over the world are eagerly waiting for the news on the new phone releases. With iPhone service and repair centres almost everywhere, it is now easy to get the iPhones serviced and repaired. No worries even if the mobile screen gets damaged too. There are centres nearby that also has mobile screen repair & service. If you live in Delhi and you are looking for an iPhone service centre, then all you have to do is Google "iPhone service centre in Delhi" or "mobile screen repair Delhi". You will get the best places listed down. The same can be done for any places in India.

So glue your eyes on the news and updates on iPhones from Apple. Do not worry about your phone's maintenance. The iPhone service and repair centres in the country have got you covered.