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Basic Rummy Strategy for Beginners

Basic Rummy Strategy for Beginners

India Blooms News Service | | 15 Sep 2017, 11:36 am

Although the concept of rummy is quite simple, the beginners must learn the basics of rummy online game to earn the abilities to create and change the game-plan depending on the cards, table, and opponents. It requires continuous practice to gain necessary experience and decision-making skills to master the game. It is really important to understand how to implement your knowledge and expertise into the game and improve your rummy strategy to win.

Here are few basic rummy tips for beginners which they should follow to be an expert rummy player.

Arrange your cards

Sort your Rummy cards and arrange them to evaluate potential sequences/sets. Look for the possible combinations and go for the pure sequence first. A pure sequence is arrangement of cards of same suit without joker. Arrange your Rummy cards properly to check your requirements of cards. It is possible that you already have a pure sequenceavailable in your hand and can easily declare by just creating the impure sequences/sets. But most of the time, player have to create and arrange a pure sequence by picking and discarding cards. If your opponent declares the game before your arrangement of a pure sequence, you will lose the game and end up with higher penalty points.

Calculate possibilities

Calculate your winning potential in a game once the Rummy cards are dealt. Drop the game if odds are not in your favor or your are doubtful about the possible sequences. In some cases,you can continue to play the game even if the cards in hand are not forming a clear sequence or set. But it depends on the possibility to get the required cards in the closed deck or the chances that your opponent will throw the card in the discarded pile after two or three moves.

Mathematical analysis

Implement your mathematical skills by calculating the odds and determine the possible sequences/sets your opponents can create. A quick analysis of Rummy cards will help you to decide your game plan and change the outcome of the game in your favor. Check your connecting cards, number of wild cards, color (red, black) of maximum cards in your hand. For example - If you have maximum jokers, that means your opponent lacking wild cards. If your are dealt with more low value cards, you can assume that your opponent have more high value cards.

Analysis open deck of cards

Keep a close watch on the discarded pile to read the rummy cards your opponent is holding and the sequence he is trying to make.Try to memorize the cards your opponent is discarding and picking from the open deck. This way you can analysis and predict the possible sequence he is creating. Also observe how frequently he is picking cards from the discarded pile or closed deck. You can prevent him from creating his sequence by stop discarding similar cards which might be useful for him.   

Use the Joker

Learn how to use the joker cards to form the impure sequences. Wild cards help you by replacing any missing card to make one or more than one impure sequences/sets. Sometimes it seems difficult to arrange an impure set due to unavailability of cards I.e. you have 3s of club and spade and looking for one more 3 of heart or diamond to form an impure set. If you have a wild card available in your hand cards, you can use it to replace one 3 as a substitute and create an impure set.

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