June 27, 2022 16:28 (IST)
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What is the future of online Rummy in India

What is the future of online Rummy in India

India Blooms News Service | | 26 Jul 2017, 03:44 pm

Prediction of certain things need not be necessarily done by a soothsayer. Any person with a logical mind should be able to do that. So, whenever someone asks you to foretell the future of 13 card game in India, there is absolutely no need for you to think twice before declaring it “bright.” Shouldn’t that be an obvious reply, considering the amount of popularity it has gained over the last couple of years, especially post Supreme Court of India’s verdict, making the online Rummy perfectly legal to play? Yes, it looks like that online Rummy in India has a good hold on the future and expected to be much bigger in the years to come, as it appears now. Let us now see the factors which make online Rummy game in India highly invincible.

Affordable to play on the go

Ever since the introduction of mobile app by RummyCircle.com, the biggest online Rummy promoter in India, millions have started playing the game regularly since it enables “play on the go.” No matter wherever you are – whether at home or outside - nothing prevents you from playing the game. All you need is a certain amount of idle time for knowing Indian rummy rules to play the game and it is immaterial where you are put up.

Irresistible not to get hooked

Once you start playing this game in the idle time, you will get hooked to it and so whenever and wherever you find some time, you will naturally find this as the immediate option to spend. Whether a person is waiting for his next flight sitting at airport, whether he is stuck in traffic, whether he is sitting in a hotel lobby awaiting a VIP to show up – whatever be the situation, it is natural for him to enjoy the time by picking up his mobile and play the game of online Rummy only. He will not go for any other activity if he has had a taste of online Rummy. Since it has become a part and parcel of life in a way thus, the future of Rummy is looking much brighter.

Easy medium for fun and entertainment

In the busy world that we live today, it is essential that everyone needs a few hours of fun and entertainment to dilute the stress filled mind and body. So, what are the options available to do that? Whichever option you pick – whether it is about going to a movie or a circus or an exhibition – a reasonable amount of time is spent on travel too in addition to you spending some money to enjoy the entertainment. Even if it is about choosing to play a game, you need a few persons to accompany you, isn’t it? If there is any entertainment medium which covers all the said drawbacks then it is online Rummy. This can be played sitting at home or wherever you are posted without having to move even an inch and there is no need to wait for anyone to play it too. As soon as you get logged in, you can start playing the game with the players available at that time. At the time of your choice, you can choose to play online Rummy since there are players available 24x7. This is the comfort of playing online Rummy which no other entertainment medium can offer.

Additional income

The game of 13 cards is not just about fun and entertainment. It adds something to your monthly income too. To cope up with the expenses involved in day to day life, no money is big enough. Isn’t it? The online Rummy helps you to win money, play cash games, which serves as an additional income to deal with the day to day expenses. If you are properly equipped and trained, there is a little chance of you face a reverse in the game. So, playing Rummy is all about success and money. Who would like to avoid such an opportunity when it presents itself?

No matter how upside does the world turn, there are a few things which people cannot do away with. You will continuously have some amount of idle time left every day, some passion for entertainment, and of course a need for making money. The online Rummy, being the one stop platform, which provides all the three, therefore, more and more people will be joining the game in the days to come.