Would love to walk for Manish Malhotra: Harman Mann

Would love to walk for Manish Malhotra: Harman Mann

India Blooms News Service | 19 Nov 2016

The newly crowned Miss Punjab 2016 Harman Mann is a teenager who plans to take the fashion industry by storm. A self confessed reader, she plans to bring about a change in society 'in a big way'. In a chat with IBNS correspondent Sudipto Maity, Harman recounts her pageant experience while listing things which are keeping her busy. Excerpts:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in the suburbs of Patiala, in a tiny village. I am a person who's in love with books, people and experiences that can challenge my convictions and expand my horizons. I can spend hours alone reading, painting or star gazing whilst breathing in life. I can't stand unfairness, I rebel. I keep my eyes on the stars and my feet on the ground. I love art, music, reading and travelling. I am currently studying in twelfth standard. In my family, my dad is a professor and mom is a homemaker, I've got a younger brother and a really supportive sister.

For how long did you prepare for the pageant?

I prepared myself for nearly 3-4 months for the pageant. I worked out a lot and acquired knowledge as much as I could from various books and the internet. For the final preparation, I give all the credit to Aman Grewal Ma'am. She's been a great mentor. Her sessions were of an immense importance and just because of her I also won the subtitle, 'Miss Catwalk'. Without her support and guidance I wouldn't have made it to the top.

What was you initial reaction when you heard your name?

I was completely overwhelmed, my heart was pounding on its top pace. I asked myself if it was even real. It was one of the best feelings in the world. I could never forget that moment.

Did you follow anyone as such? Who did you draw inspiration from?

No, I didn't follow anyone specifically. I just picked as many inspirational personalities as I could and read about their lives and their virtues.

How did modelling happen? When did you start taking it seriously?

Modelling started a year ago. I did my first photoshoot then. After that I did some freelance modelling assignments. Now I've started taking it seriously and I aim at becoming a supermodel in the near future.

What's the plan from here?

After completing twelfth standard I'd pursue both designing and modelling. The organisers of the manager's network team are selecting the best modelling projects for me that are yet to come.

Has life changed? What's keeping you busy there days?

Life has changed apparently, a tittle entails a lot of responsibilities and duties towards the society. My mental energies are mostly exerted on thinking of the ways to bring a change, both in myself and the outer world. I look forward to bring these plans into action soon enough. The interviews and photoshoots keep me very busy these days. Also my boards are at hand so I've to prepare for them too.

I heard you're into reading. What do you love to read about? What's you favourite genre?

Yes, I love reading. My life would have been so tasteless without books. With every page I turn of a great book, my world expands a little more. I love reading autobiographies, motivational and self help books. Books that help in acquiring a new skill, informational books and last but not the least, fascinating fictional stories written by some great authors.

My favourite genre totally depends on my mood, Sometimes I love reading novels with thrill and suspense, they take me away to another place and other times I prefer reading more of non-fiction or the books that pep me up and make me super productive. There's something I read recently that perfectly explains why everyone must read, 'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, a man who never reads lives only one.'

After winning the title, you said you want to make this world a better place. Tell me, how do you plan to go about your job?

Me and my team is working on a project and are on the verge of doing something big. We are conducting research around the various areas of needs in the society, where I can step in and make a change to quite a level. There is obviously more than one issues prevailing in the society, but we must be a part of them to be able to first experience and find out a solution about it. We’ll be touching lives to a large extent.

Were you nervous? What did you tell yourself before the final began?

Yes. Getting on the stage is always nerve wrecking but the way you deal with it...I believe is what either makes you perform dauntlessly or makes you totally timorous. Before I got up on the stage, I told myself that no matter what happens, I'd not lose hope. I had been there to showcase my personality, therefore I had to give my best shot because I had only one chance. I reminded myself that no great performer is born that way, he or she takes chances and learns, and that was 'my time' to take a chance.

Do you plan to venture into acting?

Why not! Acting is a very fascinating profession. I'd love to be a part of the industry if I get a good movie and a role i'd feel I'd love playing.

If given a choice (only one), who would you walk the ramp for? (Can be any designer in the world. Living of course!)

I adore many, but if I’m supposed to take just and only one name, then it’s gotta be Manish Malhotra! If you ask me why, well it’s for his phenomenal sense of designing Indian-wear.

What is fashion according to you?

Often people confuse between Fashion and Trends. Trends are to follow, Fashion is something what you are. Fashion to me is moments of joy when I look the best of myself. If you are looking good and are able to carry yourself well, you are in Fashion. It doesn’t have to be with any specific kinds of clothes or brands or jewellery.

What's the best piece of advice you have received so far regarding modelling?

It was from a mentor, “First of all, be yourself. If it's really what you wanna do, just go for it. Modelling is in itself a subject of professional career, so preparations and training is highly recommended before you go ahead for your dreams. Health, fitness, world education, leadership skills, personality development, are a few areas of preparation.”

Have you worked out the do's and don'ts, pertaining to your industry, so far?

Keeping to my ethics is the biggest DO I have planned and decided about as of now. The rest apply to Don’ts accordingly. LOL

What's your tip for aspirants?

For the aspirant models, I’d like to forward the best piece of advice I got. Be yourself, trust in your dreams, refine your skills, and keep learning at every stage.

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Would love to walk for Manish Malhotra: Harman Mann

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