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Here’s How You Can Succeed in Mechanical Engineering Field

Here’s How You Can Succeed in Mechanical Engineering Field

Guest Post | @indiablooms | 26 Sep 2019, 01:26 pm

Someone once said, “Scientists dream great things, but engineers do them.” It is valid for all the branches of engineering, especially for the field of mechanical engineering. They plan, design, and build those tools and equipment which makes the world go on a merry-go-round.

Mechanical engineering is one of the most extensivebranches of engineering that involves research, design, development, construction, and testing of various tools, machine and devices. They work on all stages of product development and maintenance. Some of the responsibilities of a mechanical engineer are analysing the problem, design, develop, and test the prototypes with computer-aided designs and models. The knowledge doesn’t come easy as it takes a thorough study and practical know-how.

B tech mechanical degree is an essential requirement to learn about the field in detail and grow a career. The skilled professionals of mechanical engineering know all the ins and outs of different types of machinery used such as HVAC system, turbines and combustion engines.

Some of the duties of a professional mechanical engineer are:

  1.  Analysing problems and creating a mechanical device for it
  2.  Creating new designs and preparing its blueprint for further development of the product
  3.  Developing the prototype and test it for its flaws and operation
  4.  Evaluating results to make changes in the design
  5.  Manufacturing the product and supervising it throughout
  6.  Maintaining the product and its quality

Steps to grow your career in the field of mechanical engineering:

1. Get a primary education of mechanical branch

If you have studied science in your secondary school, you can pursue mechanical engineering. The necessary qualification required by the industry isB tech mechanical.While choosing a university for B tech Mechanical, you must look for its reviews. Try selecting the one which is feasible and has a good reputation in providing students with the appropriate skills, knowledge and placement.

2. Choose a specialisation

Many universities, like UPES, provide speciality in the field of mechanical engineering. You must choose the one of your interest in which you have ample career growth. The specialisation will help you learn about the latest technologies and techniques used in the industry. During the course, you can gain both leadership and technical skills.

3. Enhancing your skill-set

The industry requires a broad skillset across multiple work fields. The skills may vary depending upon your specialisation ranging from the design of the project to manufacturing and maintaining it for further quality works. If the projectdesign is of your interest, you can learn various software starting with basic knowledge of CAD-CAM and then proceed up to learning CATIA, Solidworks, and more. Apart from learning software, essential skills such as quality test and maintenance, and similar are required for industrial purposes.

4. Gain experience

While learning software and studying specialisation can give a broad perspective of work, practical knowledge and internships can help you grow your career. Throughout B tech mechanical, you must take internships to gain an understanding of actual field problems and its solutions. Internships and seminars will help you learn more and be familiar with industrial standards. It will also boost your career in the right direction.

5. Choose a specific career path

A career in mechanical engineering gives various work opportunities from being a design engineer to quality and production engineer, and similar. Choose the one which interests you to keep learning and growing.

Excel your career in Mechanical Engineering

As technology advances, the requirement of a mechanical engineer will increase. Mechanical engineers are an integral partof every engineering process. From simple tools of daily use to complex big machines, they make it easy for other branches of science.
Starting with the essential educational qualification of B tech Mechanical, you can grow your career to leaps and bounds. You must also keep in mind to choose a reputable university like UPES, which has a good record of providing skills and knowledge base.

Why Choose UPES for B Tech Mechanical?

UPES provides its students with hands-on industrial experience apart from basictheoretical knowledge. The university also has various national and international competitions to showcase skills and techniques.It also gives exposure to students of actual industrial situations and their solution based on work and skill experience. Apart from enhancing student’s skills and industrial techniques with its collaborative programs, UPES also provides good placements during the end of the course.

Here’s How You Can Succeed in Mechanical Engineering Field

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