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7 Best Tips to be Considered by all IIT JEE Aspirants

7 Best Tips to be Considered by all IIT JEE Aspirants

India Blooms News Service | @indiablooms | 14 Feb 2018, 02:37 pm

Preparing for a competitive exam like Joint Entrance Exam takes hard work & diligence. When you put your 100% effort into the exam preparation, then it rewards you with the seat in your desired engineering institutes.

Getting the right guidance for the preparation of Joint Entrance Examination for Engineeringis very important. Time management & strategies play a crucial role in any exam preparation. It becomes more important if you are preparing for JEE Main without coaching. The key is to have a proper study plan and dedication towards studies. Months of study, hours of preparation, and a lot of dedication are required to pass this examination.

We are here to your rescue as we provide you with seven best tips to be considered while you appear for the exam.

Coaching Institutes are not the solution to JEE

Coaching is substitute to hard work and a must to crack JEE! Many people develop the belief that to crack JEE coaching is a must and that joining a good coaching institute will make you more compatible to crack JEE and will act as a substitute to the hard work. But, this is absolutely wrong! To an extent, coaching helps you in channelizing your energy and efforts in right direction, by means of experienced faculties and presenting study material, questions, content and guidelines in simplified manner.

But it does not mean if you are not joining a coaching your schedule will be a mess, you will never understand the concepts or you will not be able to crack JEE! Until and unless you don’t do vast variety of questions, develop understanding for the concepts and their applications under various scenarios, you won’t be able to gain the confidence that yes you can crack JEE.

Most of the students are misled by the fancy misleading advertisements in newspapers, pamphlets, television or any other source bragging about the success and number of selections from their institute. JEE can be cracked without coaching as well! Remember that at the end of the day, there is no magic in coaching institutes which can get you selected in JEE. The magic lies in you, you are the magician and the strong will and dedicated efforts will get you there. Coaching can help you in achieving the same.

Time Management is the Key along with Hard Work

To achieve anything big in life one has to put the best efforts. And when we are talking about one of the toughest exams it is surely need of time. But merely working hard is not the key. There has to be proper planning, time management, managing the course and topics properly. You also need to ensure you are tracking and analysing your performance repeatedly by mock examinations and tests. Every student, whether it be you, your friend, people who cracked JEE in past or anyone else, have the same 24 hours in a day and it all comes to how efficiently you managed and utilized your time. You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

Allocate Extra Time for Weak Section

This is a question a major section of JEE aspirants face! The subject you like and the subject you hate may change but there is always a subject you love studying or you perform better compared to the others. Now what should be done? Should you leave the tough subject (One you like or understand less) and focus on the interest subject? Would it give same results? The answer is NO.

You might be able to compensate some part of the weak subject by scoring well in your strength subject but it won’t get the best rank possible for you. We all have habit of ignoring our weaknesses and focus on the strengths. It’s not just you, it’s all of us. We do it because it’s hard to work on weaknesses and mistakes.

You have to take lot of pain to improve on the weaknesses. Consult and take proper guidance from the faculty at your school/coaching/tuition. They will be able to guide you on the pattern and ways you should follow or books you should refer to. Board preparations are for Muggers. I will study for JEE and will crack it.

Focus on Concepts and Problem Solving Techniques

While preparing for JEE, you really need to focus on the concepts alongside keeping a scientific, inquisitive attitude and question everything that you learn. You must strive for a clear understanding of the concepts involved.

Solving several problems in each topic is suggested but don’t waste your time if you have become really confident in a topic. If on reading a question, you know how to approach it and you are confident that you know that if you had to you would solve the problem in reasonable time, you can skip that question and read the next one.

One of the really good strategies is to approach a problem from various points of view, and trying to use more than one method to solve the problem. This will enhance your understanding of the concepts much more than blindly solving a thousand problems of the exact same kind.

Clarity of Concepts is Essential

It’s true that you need to practice on diverse questions in order to understand all possible applications. But, often it is seen that students try to jump to questions after completing the theory and concepts in hurry. This is highly not advisable. Jumping to questions directly in hurry will lead to weak concepts and you will also not be having clarity while solving the questions. A wrong concept misleads the understanding. The pattern of JEE focuses on testing your conceptual ability. If you don’t have through concepts it will be difficult to solve the questions in exam when questions are mingled up from all the chapters.

Revision is a Must

Ideally, one should complete their preparation for the complete JEE Main Syllabus by December or January so that one has some three to four months for revision. During this time, one must quickly go through all that he/she has learned in one’s preparation phase and hone one’s problem solving abilities.

Go through the problems that you had earlier had difficulty with or found interesting. You can recall the ideas quickly and make sure to not repeat your old mistakes. Also, some new problems from a reliable source of challenging problems must be undertaken. Taking a test series will also help you in evaluating your preparations and identify which topics need polishing.

Don’t Shift Your Focus

It’s true that there is difference in the question’s level of difficulty and pattern asked in JEE and board examinations. But the syllabus is nearly same and good preparation as per board syllabus is also considered good for JEE as well if you understand the JEE pattern along with. You must try to understand the basics of each topic and subject instead of solving all the problems. Very often a thorough understanding of a few topics proves better than a superficial idea about all topics. Don’t shift your focus by referring to 10 different books and getting partial knowledge would not be of any help. Rather you must focus on 2-3 books as per respective subject and topics and thoroughly prepare the concepts and vast variety of questions to gain confidence.

All the aspirants for the 2018 exam must work hard and don’t forget to carry JEE Main Admit Card. Do your best in the exam without any stress or fear!