June 08, 2023 23:26 (IST)
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Why You Should Kick-Start Your Bike Every Morning Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Why You Should Kick-Start Your Bike Every Morning

Sponsored Post | @indiablooms | 27 May 2021, 08:24 pm

Bike owners are of two categories. Some are passionate about bikes and for others, it is just a means of transport. Regardless of the purpose, a bike requires proper maintenance. It is advisable to kick start the bike every morning instead of self-starting. Especially if your bike was manufactured before 2010, you might have to do this because unlike bikes manufactured after 2010 that have advanced engine systems and batteries, the older models do need the kickstart regime. Let us understand the benefits of kick-starting the bike every morning.

Reasons to Kick-Start Your Bike Every Morning

● Keeps the engine in good condition
● Increases battery and motor life of the bike
● At nights the temperature drops and the engine cools down. This affects the engine mechanism. Continuous attempts to self-start the bike will drain the battery and it would lose its ions causing the engine to crank up and reduce the battery life.
● The engine cools down to the ambient temperature in winters and goes in for a “cold start”. Lack of friction and heat would cause difficulty in restarting the battery, using more current than required, and reducing the battery life.
● It is necessary to kick-start classic bikes more than modern bikes that are equipped with better engines and fuel injection system
● Modern bikes have the option of electric start or self-start to start the engine. Even bikes with a self-start ignition will be difficult to start in winters and too much effort will damage the self-start motor and reduce its life

Tips to Maintain Bikes

● Maintain tyres and their air pressure as recommended by the bike manufacturer. Look out for cuts or scrapes that could cause the tyre to burst. It is also important to check the wheel balance and alignment
● Check engine oil regularly for leaks. If one does not change engine oil, the vehicle would consume more fuel than required and would also affect the engine life
● The clutch should be adjusted to the right amount
● The carburetor and the valve clearances must be cleaned
● Keep the spark-plug clean
● Clean the surface regularly and park the bike in shade. This would keep the bike look new and shiny
● Check the batteries of the bike for leaks and keep them fully charged
● Pollution can clog the air filter. It is recommended to clean it at regular intervals
● According to one’s comfort, the brakes should be adjusted but, remember that tightening it too much or loosening it too much can be dangerous
● Maintain riding the bike at the speed of 40-60 kilometres to reduce fuel consumption

The importance of kick-starting a bike has been established but, it is also very important to buy insurance for your two-wheeler. The right insurance plan will help cover expenses, saving the insured from shelling out money from their pocket. For instance, with Zero Depreciation Insurance all repairs would be covered, with Comprehensive Bike insurance your bike is covered from theft, natural disasters, accidents, etc. Keep your bike safe and in good condition for a safe and excellent ride!