October 29, 2020 16:06 (IST)
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Top 7 Commodities you must invest in Today Commodity

Top 7 Commodities you must invest in Today

Sponsored Post | @indiablooms | 30 Sep 2020, 12:51 pm

Commodities are volatile, and their prices can be unforgiving. But when rules are applied to Commodity Trading, the results are incredible. Using your head is a valuable trait with trading, and it starts by going with the hot tip. Some of these commodities are well known, while others are considered rising stars. The trade volume says it all, as the majority of them are included in several commodity Trading tips guides.

1. Steel
Steel is low cost, and is a valuable commodity that is made up of several important materials. The strength of steel is to its benefit, and is the main reason it has high industrial use. Based on global economic performance (even during a pandemic), investors can always expect steel to be fairly priced.

2.Iron ore
Iron ore is extracted from rocks and minerals to produce materials that are beneficial in steel production. It’s no surprise that many investors that value steel feel the same way about iron ore. It is easy to mine, plentiful and the prices are always stable.

3. Gold
As a precious metal, you can’t get more popular than gold. Jewelry production is its main draw, and that is an industry that has always yielded positive returns. But one of the forgotten values of gold is when it is used as an asset for investment. Its value is through the roof, and has made it one of the ‘safer’ commodities to invest in.

4.Crude oil
You can’t have a top commodity list without mentioning the grandfather of all investments. It is the world’s most in demand commodity, and has shown no signs of slowing down. You can find crude oil used as petrol, lubricants and as base materials in some plastics. Supply and demand make crude oil volatile, but worth the risk if you know when to buy in.

5. Copper
Silver and aluminum are great materials, but copper is considered one of the forgotten greats. It is corrosion resistant, a good conductor, and also weatherproof. These qualities are important when it is used in industrial processes. Chile, Peru, China and the US are the main suppliers of this important commodity.

6. Corn
Corn is a food source that is considered as a soft commodity. It is used in food products for animals and humans, while also finding uses in normal household products. With all of the varieties of corn, the demand will always be high. Global supplies of this commodity are just as important as the local demand when maintaining its price.

Soyabeans are plentiful, and cheap to produce. They are included in multiple minor and major food sources, and can even be used to produce biodiesel. India is one of the major producers of soyabeans, and an important leader in their distribution. If gold is considered one of the ‘safer’ commodities to invest in, then soyabeans is not too far behind.

Wrap Up
Turn your smart decisions into financial successes by going with any of these seven commodities. They have history to back them up, and will look good in any portfolio. You can’t shape the entire market to be what you want, but there is no reason a trader can’t ride the waves.