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Best Addons for Classic WoW

Best Addons for Classic WoW

Sponsored Post | @indiablooms | 15 Sep 2019, 08:14 pm

Now that Classic World of Warcraft has launched, the addon market is booming. We had some idea of what addons would be available before launch, but now the game is here there is a wealth of addons developers have created to improve the Classic gaming experience. Some of these addons just improve the look and feel of the game, and some of them will make the leveling process smoother by filling in the gaps that the game is missing. Let us take a look at the best addons for Classic WoW.

Auctionator or TradeSkillMaster

This addon is a must if you want to maximize your WoW Classic Gold making potential and be able to buy your mount when you hit level 40. You can always buy Classic WoW Gold, but if you plan on making it yourself, or at least trying to, you’ll need Auctionator. This addon makes the Auction House much more usable. If you want an even more powerful addon designed for competitive market playing, then TradeSkillMaster (TSM) is what you’re looking for. TSM can provide you with a wealth of information about playing the Auction House and the price of items on your server, allowing you to get mostWoW Classic Gold.

Classic Cast Bars

This addon is a must! In Classic WoW you can’t tell what an enemy mob is casting until it hits you. This makes it difficult to plan your counter attack or to interrupt the cast. You could just rely on visual cues to tell what an enemy is casting, but learning a whole bunch of visual cues like enemy hands glowing in a certain color is time-consuming and inefficient. This addon will tell you what an enemy mob is casting, and how long the cast will take.

XToLevel Classic

This addon is really useful if you’re focused on leveling through the content as fast as possible, or if you’re itching to move to the next zone. This addon tracks your experience gains from different experience gaining activities and tells you how much more you need to do to reach the next level. For example if you’re killing boars for 200XP, it will tell you how many more boars you need to kill to reach the next level. It can also do the same for quests.

ClassicAuraDurations and OmniCC

In Classic WoW you can’t see how long your damage over time (DoTs) casts have left on an enemy, which can make timing your rotation for maximum damage a little tricky. These addons solve this problem, giving you a countdown for all your DoTs and Debuffs.


Some gamers see this addon as cheating, and others see it as an incredibly useful tool for making your way through the leveling zones with ease. In Classic WoW there is a distinct lack of direction for quests. With Questie, you can scroll over enemies to see which quests they’re needed for, and even locate them on your map.

BagNon and Bartender4

These addons aren’t essential in that they won’t make your leveling process quicker or improve your DPS, but they will improve the look and feel of the user interface. BagNon merges all of your bags into one unified bag, which looks much better. Bartender4 allows you to customize your action bars to a much higher degree than the default blizzard options, allowing you to set up your interface in the way that works best for you.

Best Addons for Classic WoW

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