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\"Headley revelation cannot be hushed up\"
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"Headley revelations cannot be brushed up"

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New Delhi, July 20 (IBNS) India’s External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on Tuesday said the revelations by Pakistani American terrorist David Headley of involvement of state agencies in the Mumbai attack is now open.

“It is open now. Headley’s revelation cannot be brushed up under the carpet, “ he said on board a flight.

The minister was in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul to attend an international conference of donor countries for rebuilding the war-torn nation.

“Whatever Headley has said to the FBI has to be taken serious note of,” he said, adding that whatever concerns India has to be addressed.

Earlier during the day, amid an ongoing war of words between India and Pakistan since a bitter bilateral talks last week between their foreign ministers, India’s National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon upped the ante hinting there are clear links between Pakistan authorities and David Headley, one of the masterminds of the Mumbai attack now facing trial in USA.

"It has been brought to us through Headley [whom India’s National Investigation Agency or NIA interrogated in USA last month] that there are clear links between militants and official establishments,” said Menon, without naming Pakistan but pointing a finger on the neighbour.

“That nexus which makes it much harder phenomenon for us to deal with…

“Unfortunately what we know and what we see suggest that this nexus would not be broken soon, if anything, it is getting stronger,” he said at the conference on 'Countering terrorism in South Asia: Perspective from US and India' .

He said the other aspect which is worth looking at is how over time, over last few years the terror groups in South Asia has got fused and are using same communication.

Menon's remarks followed an interview of Indian Home Secretary G K Pillai where he said ISI link with Headley was found during the interrogation of the American-Pakistani terrorist in USA by the NIA.

Pakistan’s foreign minister S M Qureshi during a joint press conference in Islamabad with S M Krishna had equated Pillai’s remark with that of Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of 26/11 based in Pakistan and had called it "uncalled for", triggering angry reaction from India.

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